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Backing the Black & White


The survival of any football league team ultimately falls down to it's fans. If the clubs are fortunate to be in a position where they can spend money, usually at our level or the one above, again it's down to the support. As you fall further down the footballing pyramid it's often uncommon to see cash being spent on players, minus the few exceptions. Most clubs make use of wheeling and dealing, free transfers and of course their own youth system. At Notts County we ourselves realize that our own team is mainly built around free transfers, aside from Judge and Boucaud.

Top name players naturally attract interest with a team full of stars. The likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and of course Manchester United, among many others no doubt will perhaps fail to worry about the concern of support.

When the support is utilized the effects can be noticeable, the combination of passion and dedication can take a team quite far.

We've seen many successful cup runs in recent years, I have no doubt it's a result of optimism and something which encouraged our players to play at their peak or perform at a level good enough to warrant such runs.

Obviously a lot comes down to pre-match training, coaches and even the players themselves , but without the boost, the support, where would they gain the spring in their steps? Any footballer is hardly going to want to fail, It's about getting the most of them and if this is being failed for any reason, doom and gloom is hardly going to have the desired impact.

I've been concerned with the lack of passion for some time. When things are going right, for many, there's still enough for fans to complain about.

I can understand a level of disappointment but when do you draw the line? I'm sure we are all passionate people, all wanting the best for the respective clubs we support but what difference can we make? I feel a lot myself.

No, we can't change how the players perform, this is down to management and their own desire. Often enough, when we go a goal down, well the passion dies with it. I miss the days when a fan would stand up and start chanting, drawing others into singing as well. We used to be fairly good at bouncing back. The term 'bounce back ability' was something I often heard mentioned.

Times during the previous seasons (just not under Paul Ince) I felt confident that we could turn results around. We've been a side that's always been made up of 'team players' and the odd reliable player in the correct area I.E. Lee Hughes.

The thing I'm trying to get at is, nothing is possible unless we all work towards the same goals. If we lose 5-0 on Saturday,God I hope we don't now, but if we do, what's the point in allowing ourselves to go on the downward spiral.

We expect the players to pick themselves up, even pretend that certain players warrant the abuse they receive, but at the end of the day when are we, as fans, going to do the same? If a player or manager was to swear and verbally abuse you for not backing the club 100% you would probably stop attending games.

I can understand the concerns with regards to expense, although I will openly say here that I feel for some it's an excuse to a show a lack of support. It's obviously not always the circumstance but if you find yourself in the situation of not being able to afford something, would you really shout it from off the top of your roof?

Really, I praise the club for putting out attractive offers and I hope that fans will consider renewing or purchasing a season ticket. All the revenue gained will no doubt be spent on the club, so if we're to move forward in the right way, it's about trying to support the club as much as we possibly can. As a family, my Wife and I have to choose which games we can attend all together but there's nothing we like more than watching the club as a whole family.

If I could go with my family, see the smiles on their faces, and believe me it happens even when we're losing. Well it's a good day out regardless of the result. We've witnessed our team play and have shared a memory together. I made similar comments at the home game against Rotherham United in the cup, it's all about the ups and downs.

God forbid if we were to fall on worrying times again, how would we handle this situation again? Life's not about giving up, it's about making the most of it. The future really is Black and White, so if we're going to make a difference lets make it together?

Please do consider backing the club, your support will always be appreciated by the club. Over the years I am sure many season ticket holders have made firm friends, those who attend every now or then will most likely know someone too.

We are a League One team on the up, no longer the League Two side fearing the drop into the unknown and to avoid this we need to believe we can achieve.

If anyone at the football club reads this, I firmly believe in our title and site name. I would be mad to use it otherwise. We might be a small minority at the moment but the difference that's trying to be reached, for me, is clearly noticeable. Lets do this properly!

You can find ticket details here, onwards and upwards as Mr Trew would say.

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i fully agree, owners do a lot but without fans there would not be a club. no chairman would invest without it and i wonder if ray would of put us in admin had he knew what he does now. thankful we have him

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Too many fans are fickle -not on here ,thankfully.  There are a lot of experts who seem to know everything about everything but if you asked them to put their hands in their pockets like Ray Trew ( and others in football) they start making excuses and shifting the blame.Every fan wants to see their team winning things or at least having a good go at winning things.We can't all be winners ,there has to be losers too.The fair weather supporters are often the loudest moaners.

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I hope we have a good amount of season tickets purchased, it's the only way we can move forward safely. (stable wise) If we go up in the near future attendances will rise, I'm also happy to say I don't see the team in red being to much of a problem. We may get some back handed compliments in terms of those who can't afford Forest's prices :P

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