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Notts County Secures Top Spot in League Two with 3-1 Win Over Accrington Stanley


Notts County head coach, Luke Williams, was pleased with his team’s performance in their 3-1 victory over Accrington Stanley at Meadow Lane this past Saturday. The Magpies went top as a result of this victory, and Williams had nothing but praise for his team.

Williams praised his team for creating “really good chances” and noted that Aiden Stone, the goalkeeper, got Man of the Match. “We scored three goals, but the goalkeeper gets the Man of the Match, so that tells you that it was tough, and they created really good chances, and he made brilliant saves,” Williams said. He was impressed by the way his team was able to create opportunities and capitalise on them.

The head coach also appreciated the toughness of his players. “That’s the thing that I loved about the performance because I’m exhausted, but the players were able to be tough when they needed to be tough and that made me feel very, very happy,” he said. Williams recognised the effort and determination his players showed on the field, and how they were able to rise to the challenge.

Williams also acknowledged that there were some challenges during the game. “I thought we started well but even from the early stages, I think we scored, I don’t know, it’s early seven minutes? But inside those seven minutes, I think they flashed the ball across the box a couple of times, and it wasn’t so comfortable,” he said. Despite these early difficulties, Williams was proud of how his team responded.

Despite these challenges, Williams was proud of his team’s ability to overcome them. “So when we scored we needed to really show that we can understand the opposition. We can have a reaction, and we need to show that we can match that and then maybe we can go in one-nil up and then the other chance the game is different in the second half if you do that, but we didn’t. We became more passive after the goal, and then we suffered for that and so that was the main message at half-time and of course, the players are brilliant, so they do everything that they should do,” he said.

Williams emphasised how important it was for his team to understand their opposition and react accordingly. He praised his players for being able to adapt and overcome challenges during the game. The head coach also highlighted how his team was able to bounce back after becoming more passive after their first goal.

In their victory over Accrington Stanley, Williams expressed extreme satisfaction with his team's performance. He commended their ability to create chances, their resilience on the field, and their capacity to overcome challenges during the game. 

This victory propelled the Magpies to the top of the table, and Williams eagerly anticipates what his team can achieve in future matches.

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it was an impressive display, accrington also played well as a team and created good chances. although i stopped fearing after we went 2-1 up, as their finishing was not the best. luke williams is right about how the team showed a lot of toughness not to go back and allow accrington to control the game more. after our opening goal in the first half, i felt we sat back and became nervous but at 1-1, they looked content with a draw rather than wanting to win.

we always looked likely to get into it in the second half and those two goals show the quality we have. macaulay langstaffs second brace which is incredible!

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The game was very entertaining. A neutral would be content with both teams’ performances, but I think Accrington Stanley fans would have hoped they could have tested Aidan Stone a lot more than they did. They are a good team and work well for each other, and Stone did make some superb saves. Yet, with two or three chances, they should have punished us. For example, when Stone kicked the ball straight to their player, who went clean through and ended up striking the ball towards Stone instead of one of the corners.

I thought we were classy, dominant, and calm. The second half was a much better showing from us; we did very little wrong, and David McGoldrick worked well to bring in Macaulay Langstaff. Also, Dan Crowley placed pinpoint passes that went through Stanley’s defence with very narrow space for perfection, yet he made them look simple. Fantastic win!

We are top of the league!! 🎶

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I was really impressed by Luke Williams' approach of downplaying going top. It truly demonstrates astute management in ensuring that our expectations remain centred as we carry on building upon our strong start. Plenty could change, but Notts are looking good. Beating Accrington wasn’t as comfortable as the scoreline suggested, but they didn’t make it as difficult to win as you would expect.

Good team, but ours showed so much more spirit. It was good to see the focus coming through the middle, with defence-splitting passes rather than crosses into the area. With how tall their players are, I am surprised Dan Crowley, who isn’t the tallest himself, managed to score his header, but it was a perfect piece of play, as was each goal Macaulay Langstaff scored.

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What a manager we have at the helm of Notts County! Luke Williams’ focus and hard work, along with the coaches and staff, are all proving to pay off. Going top, especially at home, is a special feeling. I am sure it means something to the squad and players; it must be enjoyable to hear the chants when you are playing during a game. Accrington Stanley may have lifted their game to it, but I thought it had the opposite effect, with us pushing further.

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Williams' tactical brilliance is absolutely shining through this season and this match just solidified it. He knew exactly what strings to pull to guide the team to victory. His attention to detail and instruction to really understand the opposition were commendable. He not only gives them the roadmap but encourages them to pull themselves back during tough situations, which is the mark of a great leader. That's the way we like it at Notts County!

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What a performance by our boys! It was quite a battle on the field. Accrington Stanley weren't easy to crack, but our lads stayed their ground and penetrated their defence effectively. The team's resilience truly testified to Williams’ exceptional training and strategic planning. To be top of the league now, it’s down to the relentless dedication of each and every player and the coaching staff. Well-earned victory!

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Notts is truly making a statement this season with consistent brilliant performances, most recently against Accrington Stanley. Full credit to Williams and his squad. The team’s resilience, even when facing a tough opposition, was on full display. Heartily looking forward to seeing what’s next for us. Onwards and upwards!

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Truly happy to see such a glorious triumph for Notts. Our boys showed real grit and answered back loud and clear. Langstaff's brace was the cherry on top, they simply couldn’t match his calibre! The tactical adaptability our lads showed was truly remarkable. Lingering on the top spot on the league table caps our superb run in the game. Truly proud to be a Magpie!

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Williams' understanding of the game's dynamics and swift decision making deserve every bit of credit for placing us on top. Not to forget Aiden Stone’s consistent performance between the sticks. His sterling saves were a key factor in the win. Top teamwork all round.

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