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image3.jpgThere was a time when I was encouraged to write personal blogs, yet new faces on the website never seemed to appreciate them – however with the minor change to my username I aim to mix things up.

It’s a common recurrence that I get the urge to drop my ‘Notts-Joe’ persona, yet for one reason or another I just never did until now.

I thought that it might confuse some members who don’t know me in person, yet it’s an never ending escape unless you apply the change and really, why would I want to continue calling myself by it?

The little things seemed to mostly discourage me - I wasn’t keen on saying good bye to my old Twitter account, since some dearly lost friends are on it. Yet I have grown very tired of the username, along with the questions I frequently get about why I call myself it. It’s no mystery, it’s a nickname and it’s one which had been given to me at school (mostly due to a wrestler I liked).

With the change having been made elsewhere for a number of months now, I felt it was time.

Funnily enough my parents, who are a great support to the site(s) I run and the things I aim to do – have never been bothered by the fact I never used my birth name.

So from here on, I am simply Chris.

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14 minutes ago, Joe Jones said:

I'm the only Joe now b!tches! Muhahaha

It's your turn to come out of the username closet next. Beep beep :lol:

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2 minutes ago, magpiejue said:

Hi Chris. Great read. 

Your too kind Julie, hopefully I can focus on producing some interesting blogs and get this section back to how it was. Though I felt the username change would be a step in the right direction, watch people call me Joe for the sake of it now. :lol:

Hopefully I can find time to guest write and stuff also.

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@Chris goodbye Notts-Joe. Great article buddy. I did always wonder where the Joe came from.


I'm gonna request a new username with that last line, please go to SimplyChris haha! 

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59 minutes ago, TheFostarr94 said:

@Chris goodbye Notts-Joe. Great article buddy. I did always wonder where the Joe came from.


I'm gonna request a new username with that last line, please go to SimplyChris haha! 

I was almost tempted to go with 'EverybodyHatesChris' after the sitcom but it was too long. 😂

28 minutes ago, DangerousSausage said:

It's a shame you didn't pick a more creative user name, like Enormous Banana or something.

I'll have you know Chris is a very creative name, where else would I get my creativity from? It's not @super_ram for sure.

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