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How the poor start for Notts during the 2018-19 season has affected me




Things are weighing up on my mind a lot, I’m still in some form of shellshock from yesterday and I am truly disappointed – I honestly struggle to see past my current mood because it’s all very deflating.

I attended the game against Yeovil yesterday with my son @super_pie, @Magic magpie and @super_ram.

mejakedad.jpgLeading into the game I wouldn’t have gone if Mark dropped out, I just wasn’t looking forward to it but not because I felt Notts would lose.

I actually felt positive about the game and 25 minutes in, it was hard to see how Notts could lose the game but sadly they handed all 3 points to Yeovil on a plate.

Personally, I don’t attend games to see a side win and I don’t try to promote the club for any other reason than wanting to help. I am used to what happens on and off the pitch, I shouldn’t be  fazed by what occurs but somehow it still gets me down.

Notts played very well in the early minutes of the first half, they knocked it around well but I felt attacking the KOP wasn’t the best game plan. I don’t know if this was due to Kevin Nolan/Alan Hardy thinking “excite the fans, we have worked hard in training.”

Or, if it was simply Yeovil winning the coin toss at the start – either way I feel it made the second half harder.

I didn’t take any pictures or do anything yesterday, I didn’t even use my phone until after the game.

By the time the whistle had blown I just wanted to bury my head in the same sand that Kevin Nolan seems to be used to by now.

I love the Notts Community and most fans will know there’s a ‘family’ vibe amongst the regulars but I honestly feel very dissociated right now.

This is the main reason why I wasn’t looking forward to Notts, people don’t seem to understand how individuals feel and I saw a lot of unpleasant stuff going on amongst ourselves. It’s like a bunch of kids fighting over the same wish but doing nothing about it.

Notts are poor right now, Kevin Nolan needs to sort the defence out and sign a keeper on loan.

This season is far from finished and I wish we could focus on that, it’s just very depressing and I can’t absorb much more of the nonsense that I see.

The football club’s better than this, we are better than this.

Alan Hardy and Kevin Nolan have their first real test, the issues on the field are Nolan’s problems. Those that say he fixed us from being sure relegation candidates, that wasn’t his mess and it will be interesting to see if he can make the right decisions.

I don’t want him to be sacked, nor do I want any pressure to be mounting on him because I think stability will resolve itself eventually.

But Nolan needs to get a grip of his squad, he needs to acknowledge the players who are out of form and get the defence focused.

The midfield for me would be fine, yes they could help out more, especially the wingers but they play to instructions – so that needs adjusting.

Rant over….

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its starting to get on my nerves, im keeping off social media because its hell.

it must be harder for someone who invests so much time in doing something positive that some just dont get. hopefully things pick up mate.

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I'm sure it's effected a lot of fans, I'm just getting fed up of certain things and how people react. It's not for anyone to pass judgement but sod those that do.

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This is a real passionate piece written by a fan who loves his club. Reading this is a breath of fresh of fresh air from the normal going round on social media. Because there is no language or any desire to start an argument it’s the club how he sees it. Sat with him yesterday I could see in his face the pain and disbelief but rather than shout around it’s in this a proper piece of passionate writing - well done mate honestly wrote with heart and passion 

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I can sort of understand fans getting upset over the loss and performance but I’ve seen lots of games and performances of a similar ilk and to be honest although I was disappointed I wouldn’t let it unduly upset me, it’s football, there are much worse things in life to get upset about.

Good article @Chris I love the picture with you, @super_pie and @super_ram 

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