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Under the floodlights at Meadow Lane is the perfect way to start 2020 at home.




There was something special about watching the first home game of 2020 under the floodlights at Meadow Lane, and I’m impressed with how December went and more so due to the buzz which we as fans have created.

Of course, credit where it is due. Neal Ardley and the squad have done amazingly well – especially after the 2nd set back to Jim O’Brien.

Despite feeling like Jim would be a massive loss, I think Notts as a squad has coped well to setbacks like these.

As I have mentioned, I missed the Boxing Day game due to illness, and I wasn’t able to make the Maidenhead United game.

The sense of feeling I got from doing my usual rounds, rekindled some of my excitement which has been lacking in recent years.

I don’t know, seeing and hearing fans lit up about making the play-offs it felt harder to play it cool.

It felt like a genuine sense of belief that we Notts County could make the 2019/20 one to remember for the right reasons.

I’ve always felt starting a new year well, shows not only signs of intent but also lifts that atmosphere which any club needs to be successful.

Honestly, there’s a sense of feeling that things are coming together.

Usually, you can tell when something is important, and that win against Bromley felt important too.

No football club is perfect, in the lower leagues’ teams have to react well to setbacks and form is a lot more difficult to resolve unless everyone is on the right page.

82074501_10157964072539104_3395682443653545984_o.jpgThat coming together has a sense of pride, I mean, I never thought Notts would accumulate 13 points from a possible 15 during the festive period.

Not only did the win against Bromley feel important for the campaign, it felt nice to win the game by fighting – the defence seems very focused right now.

Performance-wise, there wasn’t a lot of standout moments which could form some of the argument against my sentiments expressed here – however, usually, Notts would have conceded a late goal.

I never felt like Notts would concede a second goal, after recapturing the lead on Saturday.

Considering there was a lot of panic at times. With clearances needing to buy time, after wave of attack by Bromley – in and around the penalty box.

I always felt like Alex Lacey and Connell Rawlinson would have it covered, and if not them, Sam Slocombe appeared to be in fine form himself.

Watching our opening goal, as Sam Osborne perfectly setup Wes Thomas for his strike, seeing him cope with the Bromley player who attempted to barge him off the ball – regain his focus very quickly showed a lot of maturity.

It would have been easy to lose the ball or go attempt to get a foul – getting that cross in seemed the only item on Osborne's mind, which is another positive sign for me.

I want to take a moment to thank those who spoke to me at half time, the reaction I got did take me back.

I’ve always found people at Meadow Lane to be appreciative of what I try to do, yet some of the words resonated with me – the few pictures I had with fans took me back a bit too.

However, I have missed catching up with people during Christmas with the number of away games thrown in-between home ones and of course, my absence.

I’m also very thankful to Lee Coates-Kenzitt, who kindly gave me a scarf which I will be putting around my daughter’s grave as soon as I can visit.

That continues with this belief, and attempt to make 2019/20 the season we can add some proper foundations to the potential success of Notts County Football League.

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i think alex lacey gives us someone who can not only pass the ball well, but also calm down the play. i like ben turner but he and connell rawlinson are prone to clearing it without thinking about where the ball goes. winning bromley felt like we robbed them at the time, i do think the 3 points are deserved now.

great blog mate.

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