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Traveling to matches


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I've always planned to take my children to away games, just a special experience but it's very expensive to travel and the cost of matches too. Crippling for famillies, on my own I could go but that defeats the point.

Goodluck with the tickets buddy! :P

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I like going to home games, not quite sure about away ones because of the cost aswell as having to sort out taking young children to an unknown place isn't ideal.

Well planned it wouldn't be too bad, but i think the kids would have to be abit older and going to place we are slightly familiar with.

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I travel to the majority of games. Cost aside, you always wonder how to get there, will there be parking, can I walk around in my Notts shirt etc

Well if you can afford it, go for it. Most games can be turned into a full day out. If you don't want to drive or take the train. I would definitely recommend travelling on the Supporters Club coach. You would be travelling with like minded people, you are taken right to the turnstiles. No worries about parking or timings. You can even sleep on the way back home.

Prices are cheap, even cheaper if you become a member of the supporters club. It doesn't cost a lot in annual membership, in fact just a few trips pays back your membership money on the travel savings you make.

Never had a problem at away grounds (except for Wolves a couple of years ago). Always have an enjoyable day and this year at least we have seen better performances away from home.

Attending away games is like going for a run, hard to motivate yourself to start with, but once you get out there you enjoy it and want more.

Try it.......see you there and don't forget to say hello

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I've put it off for far too long personally, I'm not the best at motivating myself either but I'm making plans for the Orient game.

It would be easier if Kate (Cheeky) came, as I'm not the worlds most out-going person either. (Despite the fact I don't shut up online) I'm looking forward to getting to know people better, of course attending away games. I never know, I may be lucky and by this I mean drag Super Ram or Cheeky along but I agree with her regarding the children bar Jake who is old enough.

I didn't batter an eyelid despite being told not to attend the Forest game (while the rioting was taking place) Just the unknown location that is another thought in the back of my mind but I will be taking the dive, if not Orient I'm sure it won't be long before I can.

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I will have an empty car for the Hartlepool game if you are interested. I will be meeting up with Andy, who will drive down from Newcastle. You don't have to feel compelled to sit with us if you don't want too, but you will be most welcome.

That's very kind, I really appreciate the offer. I'm not sure if I will be able to right now, in the next couple of days I should know for sure and I will try not to waste your time. Would you have any objections to Jake coming along if I can make it? (I do have a booster seat) Would also be happy to sit with you, I'd very much out of my comfort zone at an away game so it would be nice. :)

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There you go Joe, both you and Jake have got one of the longer away games under you belt. Hope you enjoyed it. I know Jake enjoyed his HT (monster) hot dog.

I hope you get to many more away games when time allows.


It was great! every second and I really enjoyed the company.

I've been speaking with Jake and Ellie, will be rotating unless Ellie's age is a problem at away games. (so they both get to go) It was very kind of you. Very much appreciated it :) Your new friend hasn't stopped asking about you :P

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I'm looking to go to the Walsall game, I've also never been to an away game believe it or not (unwilling to count Forest as an away game bearing in mind it's about 400 metres from Meadow Lane haha), so it's got to be done. Any of you guys get the supporters' bus to games? Give me the Notts Away Games 101 lecture, somebody! :P

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No Joe but I will be at some point. Planning my next away day, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later :)

I've heard very good things about it and there seems to be a very good bond between traveling fans, I know of a couple on here who have used the service. Hopefully one could add their two cents in.

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