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  1. Notts should be fine if the Danish takeover manages to be concluded.
  2. It's disappointing to see all these young pros fall wayward by Notts, some must be given a season or two to see if they can establish themselves. It's the only way some will gain league experience. Good luck to Luther Wildin if he makes the dream move to Arsenal.
  3. If I was Alan Hardy, I wouldn't annoy or be rude to someone like Lillian Greenwood. MPs can be stubborn people.
  4. I listen on my PC, tablet, phone and MP3 Player. My music various, most is from the late 80s, 90s and current day.
  5. With the few trialists linked, I think there won't be many new additions and the squad might need to make do with what is there. Cover the weak areas well, the club should be then okay.
  6. Notts only ever appointed a chief scout, they need several to make it work and tracking players over two to three seasons would cut out some of the deadwood the club tends to sign.
  7. It would only be disheartening if he makes it at Spurs and does well, that he never had the chance to represent the club that developed him but I do also wish him well.
  8. The loan would have been the best situation for him, he needs to be playing and I am sure Neal Ardley will be contemplating how Tom Crawford may feature in the squad.
  9. It's very hard to feel sorry for him, he's turning the whole thing into a bigger circus and he should stay away from talking about Notts. If this is who the new owners want to run the club, I worry!
  10. His performances sum up the season for Notts, good at times but not good enough. I also don't question his effort but he disappeared too much for my liking. He looked okay at left back, just when he got caught out which did happen a fair amount. He lacks pace too, so I think the decision is in the best interest for the club.
  11. I think the club once in steady hands should look at this and focus on making it not a failure, it used to be so much more.
  12. Hello, welcome to PON @ExiledPie

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