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  1. the logical is what the FA doesn't always do.... but the best option would be what Chile did once when couldn't finish a season... Premier league - season voided and no one relegated Championship - top 2 (on a PPG basis) promoted, no one relegated. Division 1 - top 2 (on a PPG basis) promoted, no one relegated Division 2 - top 3 (on a PPG basis) promoted (extra team is because of the Bury effect). no one relegated. National League - top 3 on a PPG basis promoted (Barrow, Harrogate and erm... some team called Notts County??). An alternative would be the same, but with the National League and Division 2 merged to form Div 2 North and Div 2 South.
  2. luckily for us Harrogate just messed up so we're 4 points clear and can afford a loss somewhere still
  3. Crawford was your best player by a long way - he tends to have good games and score against Barrow. I think you've been generous with Rawlinson though - and McCrory should have seen red for the penalty, yet didn't even get booked for that or kicking the ball away.
  4. Gutted with that result - could and should have been out of sight by half time. Rooney hit the inside of the right post with the penalty after sending the keeper the wrong way, then the outside of the left post with a free kick, and Angus skewed one wide. Should really have been 3 up. 2nd half started pretty much the same, Dan Jones had a 30 yarder well saved by the keeper, then came the sending off which changed the game. Definite red and Quigley out for 3 games, then Crawford does what he did for Chester and scores against us, a scrappy goal defensively that the keeper probably should have saved. Notts played well against 10 men and Roberts got a good goal from a narrow angle. As per usual in this league the ref had a shocker. Before the game we could afford to lose one match, now we can't - but we'll still be top whatever happens with the Harrogate game later. Quigley will be a miss and i'm guessing we'll bring in the Welsh U-21 international striker we signed midweek against his home town club Wrexham next week
  5. My thoughts are that it will probably be our hardest game left at home. We havn't lost a home game since our early bad form where we had 7 points from the 1st 9 games. We have not dropped a point at home since boxing day. There will probably be 4000 there - so our biggest gate so far this season. Despite what some on this thread think Barrow will play exactly the same way as we did in the away game;- press high and go for goals - we have 3 players now on 10+ league goals. Realistically I don't think Notts can win the title, but should be aiming for 4th, 5th as a minimum as that gives you a home match in the 1st play off game, however my current projections have Notts finishing in 6th on 71 points behind Us (89), Harrogate (83), Halifax (76), Boreham Wood and Yeovil (73), with Barnet sneaking in 7th place on 70 points. The last 3 home games have had horrendous high winds - there were 60 mph gusts in the 2nd half against Dagenham last week, but the winds expected to be a relatively low 15/16mph this week. Notts fans not in the stand will be on an uncovered terrace (there's a roof going over it in the summer) so bring your thermals - and i'm not even joking there - it most likely will be baltic... My prediction - a hard game with Barrow winning by an odd goal.
  6. From my point of view (a Barrow fan) it's the best possible draw. Harrogate will have 2 hard games against Notts in the semi finals. They also only have 2 available Tuesday's left in March which means one of the 2 games postponed due to the Trophy semi finals will probably be played between the 2 semi final games. Their free dates are the 17th (when we already play Barnet) and the 24th;- so it's likely they will play either Notts, Notts, Notts or Notts, Barrow, Notts over the course of a week...
  7. 4 days (or rather nights) of work intermingled with spring cleaning the house and trying not to look too closely at the National League table too many times... It's not easy being a Barrow fan - we're not used to being at the top of this League for so long - I think we went top when we won the 1st game against Notts back in October/November and haven't lost top spot since. The burning question I have at present is will @ARLukomski (and possibly Simone) be making the trip up to Barrow next weekend?
  8. so far so good. had to come back from 1 down today but 2 cracking goals put us 7 points clear with a game in hand. Enzio's goal was a cracker tonight by the way.
  9. I started going to Barrow matches in March/April 1980, so the end of this season will be the 40th anniversary of me supporting them and although we've won the FA Trophy at the old and new Wembley (1990 and 2010) and won promotion to this league a few times this is by far the most exciting time i can remember as a Barrow fan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rest of the season will be as good... I'd like to win it easily - but that's just not the football way - i'd settle for winning on goal difference with a 95th min own goal conceded by the 2nd place team... as long as we hold on and go up - 48 years out of the league is too long...
  10. thanks ARLukomski - nice vlog by the way, I saw the Notts v Barrow one and have seen most of the ones since. Simone seams a very astute guy.
  11. No big story behind the username - I used to play an online multiplayer space game called Galaxy Online II and used it on there and it's stuck. Neil Warnock - there's a good old non league Manager - I remember he was manager at Scarborough (I think it was there) when Barrow used to play them decades ago. I work Friday and Saturday nights - so away travel tends to be scarce on a Saturday these days so wasn't at the November match. I am a season ticket holder though.
  12. cheers guys - yeah i'll talk with anyone about football. I'm registered on this and the other Notts forum as well as Wrexham , Bromley, Confguiide and the 1FF forum. season's going very well (so far). Nice to see Notts fans haven't come down with the usual arrogant ex-EFL attitude (Yeovil were really a non-league side who were on an extended loan to the EFL - so didn't have it either) . All the best for the rest of the season - apart from the return match of course....
  13. 2nd and 3rd placed teams are at home in the 2nd round of play offs to the winners of the 1st round matches. I think it's 2nd v winners of 5th v 6th, and 3rd v winners of 4th v 7th. The winners of the 2nd round of play off matches meet in the play off final at Wembley.
  14. I'm liking most of your confidence in my team Barrow though... hope your right and that we stay in top spot. 4th place should be quite easily achievable for Notts - it's just whether of not you can get past either Yeovil or Harrogate and into the top 3 as home advantage in the 2nd set of play off matches is huge.
  15. that's incorrect - only 2 teams do ever go up from this league - but 7th is the last play off place. The teams who finish 4th are at home to the 7th place team (and 5th at home to 6th) in the 1st set of play off matches.

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