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  1. I notice he’s also calling for B teams to join the EFL again if they can’t fill their ground for the first team who’s going to watch the B team?
  2. Agree with most of them although I think it’s a bit harsh on Matty Palmer who was man of the match for me the guy was everywhere and involved in everything covers so much ground and does a lot of the unseen work
  3. I don’t think there is any need to ban it from games maybe put limits on heading in training to limit the impacts. I also definitely think there needs to be a conversation about head injuries and how they are handled in football it seems to be way behind other sports in regards to concussion protocols and managing head injuries.
  4. Very much this when they are asking over £1000 for a season ticket somethings wrong whilst people still pay the extortionate prices they will still charge them at some point there has to be a tipping point where people just won’t pay it anymore. I imagine lots of the ordinary traditional fans are already priced out must cost thousands upon thousands to follow your team everywhere in the premier league along with Europe it’s expensive enough at this level. Unfortunately at the top level football is no longer ‘the working mans game’ as they are pricing everyone out of the market. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve got tickets to the women’s euros final at Wembley next year for my whole family (two adults two kids) for £90 that’s a respectable amount to be paying.
  5. The last two home matches I’ve been impressed with the noise produced by both the Aldershot and Wealdstone supporters in fact I think the Wealdstone support spurred them onto their second goal. Whereas I’ve felt we seem a bit quiet, subdued and sometimes disjointed. Do we need to look at getting some home support in the Sirrel as last season when we had supporters in all stands the atmosphere was electric (that could of been due to being the first games back after so long away). Failing that do we need to look to move the away supporters towards the Kop end if we can to try and bounce off each other? Any other ideas for improving the atmosphere? For reference I sit in the family stand though so the noise from the away end will seem greater but in days gone past the kop used to drown that out.
  6. You must sit near me as I thought the same in fact you can see me jump in the video then stop and look confused when it’s given offside
  7. In all honesty a game we would of lost or at the bare minimum drew last year. It’s games like that where we don’t play particularly well but grind out the win that will see us challenging come the end of the season. We did look better in the second half when we switched to four at the back. Was impressed with Mitchell looked sharp down the left and a good outlet. How great was it to see Lacey back was absolutely fantastic today and good to hear it was only a touch of cramp he went off with.
  8. Agree back in the day when I was a member of the junior magpies (late 80s into the mid 90s) there used to be all sorts on the. The junior magpies had a football team that played against the opponents junior members, they were also always given the opportunity to be ball boys/girls we had our own special room that was for junior magpies only and before games injured player would occasionally pop in for Q&A sessions we were also all given cards that got stamped each match you went to and you got a little prize after hitting set numbers of matches. It all used to make you feel really engaged with the club. Oh and being a junior magpies also gained you access to all home games as far as I remember I may be wrong on that though, (as long as you had an adult season ticket holder with you) my dad said it was about the same price as an under 12s season ticket now as well. My daughters were members of Young Pies last year but have heard nothing this year about it at all.
  9. Not sure if this is the right section but I’ll post here (apologies if not Admin) Does anyone know why the club don’t run the Junior Magpies anymore? I used to love being part of it as a kid and made me feel part of the club being a member and would love the same for my kids. I know they ran the young pies last year but haven’t seen anything this season.
  10. Feel massively for Knight as imo this is his make or break year and the last thing he needed was a serious injury. I was also intrigued to see what he could do fully fit and with a full pre season behind him.
  11. Don’t think we need a sub goalkeeper seems little point in spending a wage on one imo as Ian doesn’t have one on the bench, felt a bit for Luke Piling last season as he was never really going to get a look in and I expect it will be the same this year. I agree about a centre back though particularly with Laceys fitness issues although both Chicksen and Brinkley did a great job last year.
  12. Why are some fans obsessed with us signing a 25 goal a season striker? The way I see it is we don’t need one with the system we play we have goal threats from 3 or different players who could all bag 15+ goals each quiet comfortably. The system Ian Burchnall employs also seems to suit this model. I’d rather be in a position where we have defences having to look out for threats from different areas creating opportunities and space for others while one is being marked than be reliant on one player to score the majority who can quiet easily be marked out of a game. Sutton had no one score over 15 league goals for them last season and it worked out well for them. Les Bradd said on the Magpie circle that the season we got promoted 50 years ago we had 4 or 5 players scoring 15 + each and that’s how I see it this season there’s others that will chip in as well so I don’t see a shortage of goals at present with the style Ian Burchnall employs.
  13. I’m going home shirt but my daughters both like the away shirt and keeper tops this year although I would like both but can’t afford that
  14. In his interview online he mentions wanting to play 40 odd games a season as his next step and Notts offered him that so I don’t see him being back up if he performs well. He also seems keen and hungry mentioning captaining the club to titles in the future, I also think the coaching team we have in place now will get the best out of young players overall seems a positive move for us.
  15. Sounds promising and like his long term plan in his interview to captain the club and win titles sounds like a leader at 21 and just what the club need young players hungry for success to mix with top players at this level as for me that’s how you get out of this league

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