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  1. Yeah, good player, I was bit shocked when he left Lincoln in L1 to join Salford (). Obviously didn't work out there for him there, but he's not making a massive impact at Stevenage at the moment either though. Wonder if he wished he had just stayed at Lincoln now!
  2. Yeah, always feels odds to not have a game in the middle of a season. I did a bit of cooking, thought with the extra time I'd make something that's a bit more time consuming so I made a lasagne whilst listening to the scores coming in from the other games.
  3. Yep, could make a case for all those teams, almost impossible to predict who’ll finish top. We’ve just got to keep plugging away, keep in touch and then it’ll be about who finishes the season strongest. Personally I can’t see a runaway leader this season, I think there’ll only be a few points in it. As for a new striker, I wouldn’t be opposed but I think finding someone better than Wootton and Rodrigues will be a challenge (especially as spending stupid money is out of the question). And are you suggesting replacing one of them or are you just not convinced with our back-up options?
  4. Bit late but as we've got no match to look forward to at the weekend we can drag the chat about the last match that bit longer! Slocombe 6 – Good shot stopping but not able to deal with their corners. Brindley 7 – One dodgy pass that gave them a chance but other than that he was relatively comfortable all game. Lacey 7.5 – Thought he was solid all game, dealt well with their balls into the box. Cameron 7.5 – Same as Lacey, couple of good runs on the ball too and great leap for the goal from the corner. Parsons 6 – Never going to easy for him having only had one training session with the team, decent defensively but didn’t cause them any problems and wasn’t much of an outlet for us. Taylor 7 – Solid defensively, plenty of good forward runs too. Should have been more composed to square it to Woots at the end. Palmer 7 – Positioning is always good, tidy on the ball, he is really our key player in midfield at the moment. Vincent 6.5 – Lots of running and energy, not everything came off for him though. Good reactions for the goal but I think it was going in anyway. Roberts 6.5 – Almost feels harsh considering the assist but I though he was largely one bit of good play, one bit of poor play in CM. Rodrigues 6.5 – Never really impacted the game like he can. Got into some good positions in the box and probably should’ve scored one of his two big chances. Wootton 7 – Usual running and endeavour, held the ball up well and took his opportunity when it came. Subs O’Brien 6.5 – Thought he helped us push on and get the winner, worked himself into some good spaces and although not every ball came off he tried to play forward.
  5. Pleased, but I think I’d describe that performance as a bit messy and disjointed. J’OB kind of changed the game for us. Even though it wasn’t exactly great from us. Too many times we passed the ball and got no-where or tried to play a perfect 60-yard ball. We didn’t play through the lines or move the ball quickly enough in the transitions. The first half was a bit of mirror football, very similar not much in it at all. Then second half Dagenham came out tried for 10 minutes and then where like, “nah we’ll just stick with the 1-1 thanks”. The game was there for us to win it and we did, eventually! I’m still not sold on Cal in CM, when he was up the pitch on the right-hand side you saw what he’s about, two brilliant balls one for the goal the other a should be goal for Ruben. I want to see Cal back in that RW position...
  6. We're pretty good at ML at the moment, but I agree Dagenham aren't a team to be underestimated. They seem to go through spells of being either really poor or really good. They started the season really well, then really struggled. However they are capable of smashing a few goals in. Just got to hope the memories and dread from the 3-1 loss here last season is still lingering for them! In terms of us, we've settled back on the 3-5-2 and the team kind of picks itself at the moment. I don't think J'OB will come straight back into first 11 and I can't see Mitchell displacing either Ruben or Wootton. Hopefully we're not becoming too predictable to play at the moment, I'd like to see us get back to creating a bit more (and scoring more!) I've suddenly become a bit superstitious about predicting the score, haven't done it since the three straight losses!
  7. Maybe we offered Wootton a contract a summer but he said no, or didn't want to do it yet. Who knows... The thing with contract renewals is they're never really made public until they're signed (at this level anyway). I agree with Chris, I don't think the club is daft and I'm sure there is more going on behind the scenes in terms of re-signing players, especially as one of the 'philosophies' of the club is signing players so they can be developed, sold on and not just lost on a free. I get that it doesn't look great at the minute in terms of Wootton, especially with the news Pompey are looking at him but it's all just speculation at the moment. Kyle has done well for us but you couldn't blame him if he moved higher up, I'm just hoping we can get a short extension so we'll at least be able to get a decent fee for him.
  8. I think he's here because Nemane will be out for longer than expected. From what he's said he's more of a natural attacking player but he's being trained at Wycombe to play-wing back, so he should be able to slot in nicely here. And like Nemane I expect that he's better going forward than defending, so we can also use him as an out and out attacker too.
  9. Right now as Woots contract is up in the summer I don’t think you’d bid, just sign him in the summer. So that’s a current value of like 30k or nowt. I’d put Ruben’s current value at £300,000. Then in the summer you’re probably looking at a drop as he’ll only have a year left. In a weird way we are sacrificing Cal’s natural position so Ruben can play in his, I think he’s having a decent season without really shining. I think he’s value is less than Ruben’s, so £250,000. Brinds, I don’t know, you kind of feel the big fee’s are reserved for the game changing players. Maybe if £50,000 – £75,000. D-KE, again as his contract is up the summer, 10k or just wait and get him on a free. I'm basing my values on the sales of the likes of Tshimanga, Sorba Thomas & Sonny Carey... I don't think anyone else has been sold for a large fee, but equally none of them went for anywhere near £1 million...
  10. All in all considering their home form it’s not a bad result, just the loss at the weekend means 1 point from 2 games so we really need a win against Dagenham to just make sure we don’t start to fall away. No-one above us won and Grimsby, Halifax and Bromley all lost so that’s a point gained on them! And it’s great that Altrincham scored two late goals against Chesterfield… Good wins for Wrexham and Stockport, is that the two big money teams slowly on the rise now?
  11. Yeah, you can see how it works with us building out from the back especially the driving forward with the ball when the space opens up. Brinds, Chicks/Cameron is regularly do this.
  12. First goal is poor, too easy to get the cross in and Andrews is not even challenged. We’re a tadge unlucky with the last goal, Dion is trying to do the right thing passing it to Palmer. In hindsight he just smashes it clear and we don’t concede. I think Brinds has to go after their number 18 who it ricochets too though, that way Dion stays with the other player and they probably don't get that cross in.
  13. The only way I can see Ruben leaving in January is if we get an unbelievable bid or he says he wants to go. I don’t think either are particularly likely to happen, but who knows… Woots is someone we could lose on a free as his contract expires at the end of this season. I’m sure things will be happening behind the scenes, I just hope we can keep him here a bit longer. I think when you get to 6 months (or less) on a contract you can approach/be approached by clubs and sign a pre-contract agreement with them…
  14. Really pleased for Mitchell, gets his two goals against Tamworth but wasn't able to keep his place and keep that possible momentum going. It’s really hard for a striker to be in and out the team, he didn’t have much time on the pitch but he was desperate to make an impact. Probably a shame Ruben couldn’t get a goal in-front of his parents but in the grand scheme of things it’s a minor inconvenience on what was an otherwise great day and team performance. And smashing the attendance record, almost makes you feel like the NL isn’t that bad after all!
  15. It’s going to be a big crowd, hopefully record breaking too! It would be nice to beat it by a good few hundred as well. 12,000 fans in attendance would be incredible. We tend to do well with a big crowd at ML, the atmosphere should be even better than Stockport and that will help spur the players on. Solihull will absolutely want to spoil the occasion but I hope the crowd makes it a little too daunting for them. Picking the team is quite a challenge at the minute (a good one) Cal’s form isn’t great at the moment, but a game like this is where he really could shine. Then you've got the likes of Vincent and Nemane who probably deserve to start. Some big choices for IB to make.
  16. Poor that we have everyone back for the corner and there's still someone unmarked. I think Woots will be disappointed he didn't score earlier from Taylor's cross. As the for the pen it's too hard to tell, I've seen people on twitter say it was and it wasn't.... So obviously not a stonewall one, I'm happy to go with ref's decision though!
  17. Yeah, pleased with the result and the performance. Agree with IB post match comments that it was a shame we couldn't push on a get another goal. Now it's our turn to play at home, and given the draw is made tonight it could potentially be even more of an incentive if we draw either a L1 team (or Mansfield). It showed that the gap to the NL and L2 isn't much if anything nowadays, I'm currently watching Dagenham v Salford just waiting for the 2nd round draw and although Salford are 1-0 up there's not a lot in it and it could easily be 1-1...
  18. I can understand why he's been recalled, at least he did get a win in his last game! He's not going to get in ahead of Cameron and Rawlinson at the moment. In terms of his personal progression I think he should find another club at this level. He's a decent player but I don't think he'll be troubling Sheffield Wednesday's first 11 yet.
  19. I can't see IB making lots of changes, if anything I think the choice is whether to start with the team that finished against Grimsby or stick with the 3-5-2. I think it'll be close and it's the first game in a long time where we go into a game under no real pressure so will that suit us more? Players should be up for it though and I see no reason why we can't provide a little cup upset. Can't remember why it's a Sunday though, is it on the BBC Sport website or something? There's only 3 FA Cup games on at 3 o'clock surely they're aren't going to put final score on just for that!
  20. I’m quite happy with the start, the last 3 games have made up for the 3 straight losses. I don’t feel daunted, if anything I’m more encouraged now. I think this team has a lot of potential, we have lots of young talented player here now – when was the last time we could genuinely say that? Cameron and Rawlinson are forming a good partnership, Taylor settling into the LB/LWB spot nicely, Palmer looking like the player we wanted Reeves to be and the other new boys like Nemane and Vincent are showing us a bit more of what they can do. Mitchell and Francis next please!
  21. Also just had a horrible thought, Wrexham and Stockport probably have more money than most L1/L2 clubs. Hopefully they aren't interested... We'd get a good fee but strengthening our rivals
  22. I think he’s absolutely mad. Given how well it’s going at Hartlepool if he keeps them around play-offs/gets back into them there’s a good chance a L1 club might go for him (if he’s that concerned about moving on). And there’s a real element of luck involved getting promoted out of this league. Obviously all about the money but if he doesn’t get Stockport promoted he’ll most likely be sacked, then his choice of clubs will be what? Another non-league club but with far less money. He’ll just be back where he started!
  23. Scunthorpe is a club in a real mess at the moment, they had something like 30+ players there last season and half of them signed before Cox! They're one of a few clubs in L2 that are just circling the drain now and the drop to the NL seems inevitable. It's sacking day today, Nuno gone from Spurs and Schopp from Barnsley too!
  24. When Sorba Thomas went to Huddersfield from Boreham Wood, someone reported the alleged fee, I think it was around £500,000 and he was 21. Ruben is 25... Does that play into it? I think we’d do well to get £500,000, £250-350k is more realistic for me too. I guess it depends on what level he ends up at but I think the only way we get a really big fee is if he's got 15-20 goals by Jan! And @Chris if Wolves did come in for him, wow that would be a massive step up!
  25. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/notts-county-rodrigues-ruben-grimsby-6137392 It seems inevitable that he will move higher at some point but if a club bids for him in January would you sell him? And how much is he worth? I think he’s got 1 ½ yrs left on his contract (so it runs until June 2023) and usually the shorter the contract length the cheaper a player’s value is, so if you wait until the summer would you get considerably less? I think the only way he potentially stays here is if we get promoted this season, but a big bid in January would be hard to turn down…

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