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  1. Good luck to the lad but to have no managerial experience at all! Not even non league for a bit! I'm surprised! Another gamble from mr trew. I really hope it's a successful appointment for him but I'm shocked he didn't play it safe with a league manager.
  2. Fullerton would be a strange move. Especially after all the inexperienced managers that didn't work. I would expect one of the others with actual experience of the football league. Surely??
  3. Great game! Thank god we didn't lose. Finally showed some character and grabbed the 3 points. As a notts fan you know things ain't safe even 2-0 up and cruising it. Brilliant win though.
  4. I'm still in shock after going to the game. We had loads of chances in the first half and they had a shot which went in. At half time I thought we were playing well and couldn't see anything else but a notts win. We looked like we were a class above. In the second half what a disappointment!! We don't look like a team who wants to fight together to win a match, or who wants to dig deep and go for it. Our players individually seemed far better than theirs but they were more together as a team.
  5. Ray is in charge of the books. Im not worried about that, they've cut a lot of wages in the backroom staff by the looks of it. and got a great deal with Ladbrokes. So as a fan I just want to see players that will excite me and I can't think of any strikers I've seen so far that will do that. Stead is quality but he can't do it on his own.
  6. Spencer's injured and him and stead not exactly Pacey. Murray seems long term injured and the rest don't seem up for the job?
  7. This would be a great signing. He has a proven record of scoring. Good quality player and I can't remember the last time we paid for a player? You can never have enough strikers especially when the others are injured or not scoring!
  8. Bring it on!!! just watched moniz interview and he seems determined to sort this out and make the players take responsibility. We really need to win this and get back on track. come on u pies!!! 3-1 to the super Notts.
  9. How fantastic to have uncle Colin on PON. Really enjoyed reading the piece, and even a little bit of hope, with us not starting so well that season. well done PON :-)
  10. Sounds embarrassing! Again!
  11. Oh dear! We sound like a total shambles!!!!
  12. I'm still fuming! What other game plan did they think Mansfield would come with? Everybody on the planet knew they would play like that! Adjust your tactics accordingly!!!!
  13. Really good draw. This is what the cups all about. Really looking forward to going to villa park. Good interesting connection with jack as well, so all round happy. And remember we beat Sunderland didn't we [emoji106][emoji460]ï¸[emoji95]
  14. Hello I'm back, looking forward to the game. Should be a great atmosphere on Friday night. Bit worried that we being a bit over confident and it might bite us in the arse, but I feel we have enough quality to beat Mansfield. I'm sure the lads will really want to impress the home crowd. Come on you pies!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Come on notts, going to be very tough to get a result today. But of course we would be happy with a draw. Let's hope the new players can give us that bit of experience needed to be solid.
  16. I for one I'm looking forward to seeing the ladies team. Sounds like they have some really good players and are playing at the highest level. This will be good for notts as a club and the community as a whole.
  17. Great team performance today. They were never in it. Very impressed with the new guys as well and remember i said we would win
  18. Absolutely! And puts to bed any Newcastle claim to the black n white stripes.
  19. Just finished this book http://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_nottscounty&state=item&dept_id=61&sub_dept_id=02&product_id=NCFCEARLYYEAR Fascinating read having thought I knew all about notts or should I say 'the lacemen' really impressed with the research. Brilliant book.
  20. Defo keep it! You chose it out of respect for the guy so keep it going :-) never saw him play but my dad says he was brilliant! Did see his son play at Monaco in the late 80s which was a good experience.
  21. Yeah a bit optimistic for sat but I'm hoping after Walsall some pride might be shown
  22. Sat 8th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Coventry. win Sat 15th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Wolves vs Notts Co. lose Sat 22nd 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Shrewsbury. Win March 14 Sat 1st 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Rotherham vs Notts Co. Lose Sat 8th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Leyton Or. lose Tue 11th 19:45 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs MK Dons .Draw Sat 15th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Tranmere vs Notts Co draw Sat 22nd 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Carlisle win Tue 25th 19:45 Sky Bet League 1 Crewe vs Notts Co Draw Sat 29th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Colchester win April 14 Sat 5th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Brentford vs Notts Co lose Sat 12th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Port Vale win Sat 19th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Bristol C vs Notts Co draw Mon 21st 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Crawley win Sat 26th 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Notts Co vs Swindon lose May 14 Sat 3rd 15:00 Sky Bet League 1 Oldham vs Notts Co draw What do you think? Are we staying up?
  23. Don't think I've seen him play. Still only young and makes the squad bigger. Let's hope he can make some sort of impact and be Iucky for us. Just hope he is involved more than some players we have had this season who were not good enough to get a sniff of first team action.

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