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  1. If it is Nolan, I'll get behind it. Just praying it doesn't end in tears. Like people say there's no guarantees with any manager.
  2. Reports that Redknapp has turned us down, maybe DOF with Nolan manager. Leigh Curtis said on some web chat that it's a gamble and depends on who comes with him. TBH Trew appointed Coterill and came straight out of the blocks with a good solid appointment, not going down the admin route promotion had to be achieved. Up until our relegation we've always had a league buffer zone that gave Trew far more extra lives, Hardy hasn't got those extra lives. There's more at stake now than there ever was under Ray Trew.
  3. @Elite_pie I read the mad board a lot and you seem to like a bit of a flutter. Is it possible the bookies are moving runners into the betting to take easy money from punters to cover a well backed runner? A odds on favourite for the next 12-18 hours would surely stagnate the market!
  4. Sorry@notts-joe I didn't intend to quote you, I meant to mention you.
  5. If it was June, I'd roll with the appointment but with what's at stake, its just not the right time.
  6. Nolan's a novice, would be a Trew style punt.
  7. Hoping Hardy's shook hands with the next manager until contract time and that managers working on things already
  8. Agree @liampie Everybody's saying the weekend now, I don't doubt it will be done by then, Hardy, Trew and the HG estate all lose otherwise. The circus will continue though, it's the 10th today after the weekend we're well into the window and going to have to scrape the barrel for any kind of additions(signings and loans)I can't see many managers wanting a job that's getting bigger by the day, especially with better options around, Chesterfield and Northampton being 2.
  9. Will definitely be changes to the playing staff @Who r ya?? You Pies!! Who makes the changes and galvanisers what's left will be key.
  10. It all hinges on this next decision. Mark Robins for me, kept Rotherham in League 1 with a 17pt deduction, joined Barnsley bottom of the Championship finishing 18th, did well at Coventry then had a bit of a blip at Huddersfield, then steered Scunthorpe clear in our own relegation season. Got the CV for this battle.
  11. No response to Smith then, obviously not the cure, is he at the root of the disease? Got to say we've plummeted since he arrived.
  12. It's the only way to progress, It's impossible picking up 10 mercenaries every year, all out for 1 last 2 year deal! Look at what's on show at present, Thompson's the only one who looks like he cares and he's not earning anything like Duffy, O Connor, Dickenson and Stead etc and he's not even 80% match fit! We need 2 or 3 young local, hungry lads coming through each year. It's going to be difficult to get them to a signing position, big clubs will more than likely poach them long before that but AH has to go down this route.
  13. Top of the agenda, avoiding the drop obviously, with the current manager or a new one and the youth academy, the seats will have to wait. My sons team plays at the same level as his U10's side and he's very passionate about grassroots football, so I'm expecting some considerable investment in the youth setup. Transparency? Social media is a massive problem (just look at the Trews and Fawaz) I've already had the pleasure of being blocked from his twitter page for a (unrelated to NCFC) comment he did not like, but as chairman and owner of NCFC he'll have to get used to all sorts of digs if/
  14. Out out Target man needed Asap. The deep and direct style we seem to play at home especially, needs holding up to allow petrasso and McLaughlin time to get out of the 451 and into an effective 433.

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