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  1. Also Carl Hegg i think for one game! Then Gudjon Thordanson Ian Richardson Jocky Scott Bill Dearden Gary Brazil Steve Thompson Hans Backe Just to name a few Adelaidepie Julian
  2. Gillingham 1 southend 0 Oxford 0 plymouth 1 Scunthorpe 1 Peterborough 0 Colchester 2 Crawley 0 Crewe 1 Bury 1 Newport 2 steveage 0 joker
  3. Derby 2 v brentford 1 joker Middlesbrough 2 v Swansea 1 Doncaster 0 v Bradford 0 Southend 0 v fleetwood 1 Morecombe 1 v macclesfield 0 Yeovil 0 v Swindon 1 Adelaidepie
  4. Millwall 1 leeds 2 Sheffield wednesday 1 Stoke 0 Fleetwood 0 Accinngton 1 Peterborough 0 Posh 1 Carlise 2 Tranmere 0 joker Mansfield 1 exeter 2
  5. Hi these are my bad predictions Bolton 2 . Sheffield united 1 Swansea 1 Bristol city 2 Blackpool 2 Accinngton Stanley 1 Oxford 1 Burton 1 FGR 1 Swindon 0 Milton Keys 0 Exeter 2 joker Thank you Adelaidepie Julian
  6. My predictions Rotherham 2 Hull 1 Swansea 1 Leeds 1 Charlton 0 Posh 1 Rochdale 0 Barnsley 2 joker Carlisle 2 port vale 0 Morcambe 2 northampton 0 Thank you Adelaidepie Julian
  7. Hello all Here are my predictions Sheffield Wed 1 v Hull City 2 Stoke 3 v Brentford 0 (joker) Bradford 1 v Barnsley 1 Luton 1 v Sunderland 2 Forest Green 0 v Oldham 2 Lincoln 2 v Swindon 1 Thank you Adelaidepie
  8. Hello All, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the new season. I'm sure there will be some high and low points but mostly high. For me lets go for the league and not overly worry about the cup runs. Cup run can be good money but we need to concentrate on getting out of league 2. My predictions for this week Bristol City 1 v Nottingham Forest 3 (joker) Wigan Athletic 1 v Sheffield Wednesday 0 Accrington Stanley 1 v Gillingham 0 Coventry City 1 v Scunthorpe United 1 Northampton Town 2 v Lincoln City 1 Swindon Town 3 v Macclesfield Town 0 Whoops I was going to add the Notts game but it isn't listed : ( Adelaidepie Julian
  9. Maybe he is sending a message to his players He is boss. Also I wonder if Carroll could have saved any of the goals so many critical of Carrol yet Loach seems to have been beaten easily
  10. I would think the lads just coming up from the youth team plus Bishop would go out on loan for a season. Thompson may also go just because we do seem to have several wingers who would be in front of him. Murray also could be on that list, if he is a required player. I would keep on our list Cranston and even Hayhurst and Daniels. See what they are capable of because remember Richardo wants players to come through the system so no good releasing all these guys and then next year having to start again. I've seen people talking about a reserve side in which case most may stay and not go out on loan if this happens. Just my opinion Adelaidepie Julian
  11. I see Julian Jenner has finally put pen to paper. How quick are our wingers going to be? Who isn't getting excited about this new season because it appears plenty of people are? U pies
  12. Some would say that I'm not that far, but probably further than a few of you. I'm only 16309 kilometres away. Anyone in New Zealand will beat me! Oh this is by the way the crow flies so may have to take a little longer by road!
  13. hysongreenpie so which state are you coming to down under?
  14. The only issue is would you get rid of Roy Carroll next season? also he has been injury prone but hopefully a good few games under his belt will be a big big step in the right direction for everyone.
  15. Hi all If you haven't had the chance please go onto Notts county's official site and listen or read the interview with 'Greg Abbott about the squad, current, future and transfer funds. This interview is an eye opener. Why? I have made mention previously that come December the last few years we hit a wall because we have a few loan players and often we lose them at least for a few weeks. Greg talks about this and what Shaun and he have spoken to the Trew's about this problem. He also mentions that they knew this last month or so would be hard because top teams with top budgets and u shaving our loan players going back to parent clubs. I mention this because this is exactly what I believed was happening. Did two seasons a go with Callum and Jack and did again this season. Well listening Greg and Shaun want to fix this problem. The interview does give us a brief insight into exactly their long term plans and what the club needs to do to alleviate this problem. The interview also talks about where these players come from. For me one open honest interview Very good Greg very good Notts. Adelaidepie Julian PS I will try and get my signature on here soon promise
  16. hysongreenpie, Hi yes I live downunder, I have a dodgy but good Union Jack with Notts County written on it, plus stickers on my car etc. I live in Adelaide and if you happen to come this way please feel free to drop me a message if you want to catch up for a drink or tips on Adelaide. People on Australian Magpies live all over Australia so someone somewhere will be able to help you out. just look up Australian magpie and flick me a message. Happy to help. I have a couple coming here in February already and have met a few people over the time when they arrive downunder. U Pies
  17. Yes Tony Hateley I am on the mailing list and have been since about the 1999's. Well Super_ram, I have been a notts fans since about 1971 although I have only ever seen about 10 games in total. Reason in 1972 I moved to South Australia. My games that I remember going to were notts winning the division 4 league 1970/1971. Then going to watch notts play a couple of games in the 1971 / 1972 including Aston Villa where a villa fan jumped the fence and ran across the pitch doing his best Charlie Chaplin impersonation including spinning an umbrella. In 1981 March I saw us play Luton and Bristol (City) I think. with Eddie Grey playing and he gave Sir jimmy the fingers after being substituted. Next Peterborough away in 2010 3 - 2 with Mark Draper and Craig Short getting in a push and shove as 1 player from each team were sent off and we won 3 - 2. Sheffield Wednesday a home 2 - 0 loss but was lucky enough to be in the directors box thanks Mr Trew. . Plymouth ant home 4 - 0. I reckon there are a couple more. I've always been a notts fan and have a nice little notts tattoo which I got in 2010 while in Los Angeles at LA Ink. I'll post when I'm home and can post for you. I do get people comment on this regularly. I've got 2 of my daughters interested in notts. I've currently got about 11 notts tops from years gone by including two ex players top, a top signed by all of the players. This is on my 140th anniversary top. Is this enough lol. So hopefully I qualify as a Notts fan lol Cheers all Adelaidepie
  18. Thanks again for the warm welcome I appreciate this.
  19. Hi All, Notts have just signed Billy Daniels from Coventry City on an 18 month contract. Billy signed a professional contract with Coventry in 2012. He has made 33 appearances for them. He can play as a striker or midfield Adelaidepie
  20. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Pleased to be on board. I will apologies in advance since I'm down under sometimes I respond or answer in delay. I will always try and keep up.. So all we need now is 3 points tonight. U pies
  21. Thanks @super_ram. Derry seems to have a good eye for youth players so hopefully he comes here does well and goes back to you and performs like Grealish and McGregor have been.

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