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  1. @Fozzy it depends on if Notts are a better team when allowed to pass, allowed to work the ball in the areas that give more freedom.
  2. Some good teams and interesting names put in this.
  3. Good to see a young fan of football being productive, good luck Chester and your channel @Rio Doherty. Welcome!
  4. Hello Alex, welcome to the site and PON.
  5. I am disappointed that he's not been given a chance to redeem himself properly, it's understandable that he wants to play. I wish him well at Chesterfield.
  6. If he starts off slowly, I would hope fans give him chance to adjust and fully settle. He seems to have a good career ahead of him, people need to be mindful when a signing like this happens. It looks good on paper, but it takes time for them to bring their a game to the table. I'm pleased with the signing, given chance he will do well.
  7. Welcome to PON @Steve-R, if you like reading check out the features.
  8. Hello, its a good site with brilliant features. I am just casual user but I do enjoy PON @Catherine Iremonger.
  9. Great win on paper, winning without having to do too much is a bonus. Form is more important than ever now, I would just like to see the performances lift a bit more but I agree winning is the bigger picture.
  10. poor lad @ARLukomski You will be doing updates all season!
  11. Welcome to PON @Katie Sudlow, please do jump into sharing your thoughts.
  12. At least Little Al won't take the blame for some of his biggest downfalls.
  13. I think his main issues come from the lack of tactics he's prepared to change or adapt, he found something that worked well and switched to something that didn't. He's always chopping and changing the lineup, I wished he would just settle it down and only make changes if forced.
  14. Neal Ardley needs to put Toots back into the squad, despite Dion Kelly-Evans efforts he is no right back.

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