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  1. We were all captured this way! They could never do it for us but, we showed at Swindon as fans , what the club should be about! Show the videos to your son of the way that passion and loyalty can overcome even the saddest of times! COYP until we all die!
  2. If he plays as well for us as he always did against us then that will make a welcome change!
  3. This man saved our club! Now he has all but destroyed himself and is close to doing the same to the club. We should all do the same as we always do, support the club but also support Mr Hardy as well. Together we can pull through this, especially now the new signings are coming in. The broken man on the tv might yet be saved if eleven or so players wearing black and white can show the balls he did to stand in front of the cameras !! Lets go loud and proud and sing our way to safety!! COYP!
  4. The bench can’t hold all of those who should be on it or not there at all!!
  5. Each time I convince myself that these players are so much better than the opposition they find a way to prove me wrong! I am afraid Mr Ardley needs a miracle which I will watch and pray for. Time for Steve McQueen to make an appearance!!
  6. He has a great attitude, unlike most of his teammates!
  7. If Ryan Yates had completed his season we would not be where we are now! We would have a football league to drop into!!
  8. Who cares! They had a good manager and they stabbed him in the back!!
  9. Mr Hardy has made sure that our illustrious neighbours have no desire to help us out but, why should they? Where we are is because our players are gutless!! Let’s hope NA gets some mates in who give a ****!! Let’s hope we still exist to get our own back some day COYP!
  10. So now Jorge goes to Stags just to make it clear that we are persona non grata across the river!!

    Lets hope we still exist in time to remember!!

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