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  1. Terry Hawkridge to Notts?

    He's from Nottingham, he's coming into his prime at 27/28, he's very much on his way up rather than down as he has won 2 promotions (scunny and Lincoln) and Lincoln fans very much like him and want to keep him Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  2. Next BBC Radio Nottingham Notts County commentator?

    Doesn't david Jackson do forest ? And Charlie Slater does Mansfield so why would either change ?
  3. Next BBC Radio Nottingham Notts County commentator?

    Doesn't david Jackson do forest ? And Charlie Slater does Mansfield so why would either change ? Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  4. Uncle Colin takes a back seat!

    Colin Slater has today announced he will be taking a back seat regarding commentary, he said he is stepping down as main commentator but we will still hear him regularly on bbcrns
  5. Rob Milsom

    I actually really like milsom, he doesn't make a massive impact but he tidies everything up and is always the one pressing, he just gets along quietly because he doesn't do anything spectacular but he does important work
  6. Out of contract 2017!

    Id probably be the same however after Campbell had a go at fans at accy, the maybes i would keep and not seen enough of McMillan to judge
  7. Standout Notts County loanees

    I loved petrasso! I don't think he has played since going back to QPR and has recently been injured
  8. Out of contract 2017!

    Its getting to that time of the season again, not many games left (alright Im a bit early but don't shoot!) These are the players out of contract this summer, if they aren't then blame my source! Heinz tomato! Quite simple, who would you keep ? Wasn't sure about wildin and McMillan's contracts that's why they are there too!
  9. Match Discussion: Game 36 - Monkey Hangers (H)

    These are definitely a team we can beat, Stevenage were a decent team on the up, Hartlepool are the opposite, we have dragged them down into this mess and they are missing a few players aswell! 3-1 notts
  10. Orient face Hmrc

    From league 1 play offs to the national league! What a sad state of affairs
  11. Eddie Ilderton

    Has he reffed for us this season ?
  12. Graham Burke

    I can understand him moaning about training on a park in ruddington, but at the end of the day he's a pro footballer so it shouldn't matter! However we do now train at Basford United's 3G pitch i believe
  13. Our run in..

    I can't say I really fear any team in this division, obviously im worried when it comes to the likes of Donny, but when we played them they didn't do a whole lot, same with Carlisle and Luton, Newport have been the best team I've seen this season, they tore us apart, the rest haven't. I believe 50 points will see us safe, that's only 5 wins from 14 and i feel with teams like yeovil, Stevie, Hartlepool and Barnet to come we can still pick up points!
  14. Stan joins Pompey

    Stanley aborah had joined Portsmouth... Despite him not playing well this season it actually feels horrible to have to type this...
  15. Duffy didn't put a foot wrong all game, bola played outstanding again as did o'connor

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