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  1. My very disposition is to always see the best in people, but Fullarton is really stretching my ability to extend this nature to include himself. I've listened to a number of his interviews and he seems to come across as aloof and arrogant in what he says. Much of this makes very little, if any sense whatsoever and whilst I'm not privy to what occurs on the training pitch, if his propensity to confuse the listener is replicated when he attempts to communicate with his players and staff then I can see misunderstandings happening all over the place.
  2. I too believe that Loach is way too good a keeper to be sat warming the bench and getting the odd game in the rezzies. Carroll's unpredictability is probably what I've found most off-putting this season, and it's now probably an error (generally leading to a goal) every third game or so. That to me is way too high a ratio to 1) keep your place in the side week in, week out, and 2) also maintain the role of captain. If any outfield player wearing the armband made as many howlers as Roy's been guilty of this season then I'm in no doubt whatsoever they'd be stripped of the title - and probably dropped for good measure as well. Yes, he was great last season (dissent and yellow cards aside), but he's quickly becoming yesterday's man and we ought to be looking at options to carry into next season.
  3. Well okay, here's just a very brief intro.... First game was Aldershot around 1987 and I've been a Junior Magpie in the very distant past. In adulthood, I've evolved into a cynical season ticket holder who sits in the Pavis Stand. To bankroll the dubious honour of watching Notts, I'm a manager working in Local Government. As you can see, I'd have a few problems padding this out into an autobiography!
  4. Thanks for the friendly welcome y'all. How refreshing to see such courtesy afforded to a new recruit. I was a long-term poster on NCM in a previous life, but felt the place had been corrupted by bitterness and nastiness which had almost become the norm. Time for a change! Sadly, I originate from the Bakersfield closer to Colwick Woods rather than the Pacific Ocean - hence the username. And Ivansneck, you may just be right with your assumption!

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