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  1. The injury prone player is Shaun Barker I believe but he's in the Championship with Burton. Not sure Buxton is needed, he'd be a better Duffy where as really we need someone with height to keep Hollis from the team
  2. He's had a shaky start but since Crossley has taken over goalkeeper coaching, he's come on leaps and bounds. He's a standard goalie for this league, but he's also been exposed by an awful defence. I think as long as we get a better defence, we'll be ok with him between the sticks. We'd have to pay him off anyway so I'd rather we spent the money elsewhere
  3. I remember Andrew James taking over for a match a couple of years ago, could he be tempted? He's a Notts fan himself
  4. why is it disrespectful? The women's team was just plonked in place because we were a league team. We have no affinity with them sadly as they were from Lincoln. We had a women's team, based in Linby, but they lost out as they got replaced by the Lincoln team, did you have any issues with them losing their team and club? Had you been watching, you'd realise the men do give a damn, we're no where near the relegation places and things are looking up. The reason for our recent battles with relegation and why the women's team folded was the Trew's. They nearly killed the men's team (world's oldest professional football club) and succeeded in killing the women's club in my opinion by running them into the ground. Spending £500K a year in outrageous when you only take £28K at the gate
  5. It would require us to take all 15 points and the teams above us up to and including 7th to take 4 points to the end of the season... I have to say its no from me but sets us up nicely for next season
  6. Take a broom to the defence in my opinion. We're still shaky back there
  7. That 5 on 2 was Milsom and Tootle at the back unless there was a second breakaway? And that would be worrying
  8. I have to disagree regarding the goalie. Questions must surely be asked of Hollis who both times let the player take the shot. First one their striker breezed past him and the second Hollis failed to mark him. Goalie positioning was to cover near post each time which was correct but why where their strikers in those positions in the first place?
  9. I can't seem to edit but any reference to Hourly or Holy was autocorrect for Russell Hoult
  10. Ironically I thought Saturday was Collin's best game. He had more control of his area and was unlucky for both goals. The problem for Notts is we don't need a shot stopper. We need a goal keeper. Think back to when we signed Russell Hourly, sure, Pilks was the better shot stopper but Holy was the better keeper, that's what we need right now and Loach is not a commanding keeper in the mould of Hoult
  11. I'd like to think the fact clubs allowed B teams into the competition is some House of Cards type plot to kill B teams in the league but I just don't think it is. It's now up to fans to totally and utterly boycott this competition. If you have attendance in tens and not hundreds then it will kill this idea. It should embarrass the "EFL" but anyone who brands themselves as that in the first place have no shame. I hope Notts play 5 fringe first teamers and 6 youth players for this total joke of a competition
  12. He's gone to Yeovil until the end of the season, if they haven't offered him the same amount we will most likely have to make up the shortfall
  13. There was a shipwreck a couple of hundred years ago and a monkey was washed ashore. The fine townspeople of Hartlepool tried said monkey of being a French spy and hanged it...
  14. A Notts fan from September. But on the other hand you have the official Rochdale and a journalist who knows him tweet about him, swings and roundabouts really, my opinion, if it is fake the person must have absolutely no life!

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