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  1. Painful watch yesterday for sure , share your pain , kind of agree with your summary also , it’s not over by any means, but despair is setting in , still January, how many can we shed ? How many can we recruit? Who would want to join ? How some of those players get the shirt week in week out is beyond me , managerial changes through the season but in the main same players picked , until that is significantly changed and 3 is not near enough, defeats will send us down . Other players at the club should be able to stake a claim for the shirt , why haven’t they been given a chance ? Can only guess but must be viewed as not good enough by who ever has been in  charge throughout the season , the recruitment in the summer , while exciting additions came it lacked balance, fitness has been an issue constantly hence so many injuries. 

    Can we put it behind us and get the required points ???? Looking more and more like a relegation season , my real fear is we can’t . 

  2. Enjoyed that as always , good to see your spirits lifted by what was an excellent performance by the lads , if massive meaning for a small word but yes if we perform like that week in week out for the rest of the season we’ll win more than we lose for sure and we would get to safety, the Kop was class as well great atmosphere great support, bring on 2019 and the fight and a Happy New Year to everyone 

  3. You actually encapsulated the feelings I guess of the whole fan base in that pal , it was woeful, it totally disappoints everyone and makes ya want to give up , looks as if they don’t have a system, I don’t believe that for one minute at all , 3 managers + interim , and always the same , roll on January and hopefully get rid of some and if we have bad apples in the bunch WHOEVER they are get rid something is definitely wrong in the group no doubt in my mind at all . 

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  4. Is it just me or is that just a tad arrogant, if I was AH he would have needed to sell to me the total imbalance in our squad and how he thought it would have been ok . 

    Must say at the time of his departure I was for giving him more time . 

    If he had returned he would have definitely taken some selling to a lot of fans . 

    Plus if I was AH it was a conversation I wouldn’t have had , glad I’m not big Al must say . 

  5. Passionate that pal , so many feel that way , where is the passion on the pitch ? Something is wrong somewhere, for me it’s not just a confidence issue , go back to basics Notts forget systems philosophies put square pegs in square holes make hard work and collective effort the must have tools and stop isolating players and utterly wasting the bench , HK needs to wake up and smell the coffee , it’s early in his tenure but he must be able to see HE needs to get more from these players and THEY themselves need a long hard look in the mirror, rant over . CTID 

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  6. Well 

    3 hours ago, Chris said:

    I hope Harry Kewell can hit the ground running, he needs to fix things but I am unsure if an attacking minded manager will be able to grasp the horror that is the Notts County defence.

    We have to hope that having watched yesterday and against Yeovil he does grasp it or we are in trouble and Mr Kewell is in for a short reign 

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  7. This won't be popular , sorry in advance but its my opinion , I'm for giving people a chance till the penny drops , he has had plenty of opportunities that is true , he wouldn't be my choice either but in all circumstances that we have , I would take a gamble , give him the chance at notts a good club with excellent standards and with people around him who know him who maybe can reach him , if it doesn't work then we have tried also , it would not look bad on notts in my view for giving someone a chance and trying to help them and themselves naturally .

  8. KN is the manager he must lead , is he dogmatic I don't know , maybe he just knows what's best , his job is on the line at the end of the day players seem to stay long after a manager is fired not just at Notts but across the board , I'm an employee I do as I'm told in my work I may have a point to make and do as I'm experienced at what I do but if my boss says still do it I just get on with it and give it my best . Players should also .

  9. Good read firstly JJ , but has the wheel come off ? I'm not sure , results performances have fallen in truth , these in the main are the players he turned around last season and hit this season well in the first half of the season .

    So things now are going a little wrong should we say , is it time or even needed to play the blame game , surely it's time to regroup clear the air get back to what we were doing so well before , for me the team does have performances of yesterday's nature in it and KN will make mistakes , much still to play for can he and they turn it around , will the fans help them or turn , I know where my hope is , but fear a turning is in the air , again .

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