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  1. Aha yes, I still thought it was grant until i saw your team sheet. If you put county in red and white there wouldn’t be much difference, I thought both sides played the same brand of football and were equal in quality, if not we edged it slightly. We were incredibly unlucky to only get a point, but we only got one point because of a mixture of dreadful refereeing and not taking our chances. We had two great chances after getting our second and just before half time rheady was brought down in the box. Then there was the disallowed goal which I’m pretty sure your defenders took out each other which was really frustrating. Basically if your the 2nd best team in the league I think we’re the third. one thing that has annoyed me is if that’s how you play every match, then I don’t understand how we’re the hoof ball team of the league, when you were More hoof ball than us. Of course it’s possible it’s a one off but you played horrible football on sat
  2. Right I’m a lincoln fan so I want to give my perspective on this match. This match could easily have Notts county smash is but it could be the other way around aswell. Notts are obviously doing better than us, and you are favourites, but the matts (green and rhead) are bang in form, we’ve just resigned Lee Frecklington and we’ve got the usual suspects aswell (Woodyard, eardley And vickers). I’m unsure about the defence though because the feeling is we’re going to sign James Wilson tomorrow and play him alongside Bostwick at cb, which are both players who haven’t played in the back 4 this season. Harry Anderson is suspended and there won’t be any MMA this time around as Billy Knott is no longer a lincoln player. On the other hand you’ve obviously lost Jorge Grant. My score prediction: 5-3, don’t know who to though
  3. My point is neither player is faultless, but we accept that. We accept and admit you deserved 3 points, hopefully the latter will be reversed when we play at sincil bank, hopefully that game will end with 22 players aswell. Although you didn't play great against mansfield I still think and hope you'll win the league and I hope we'll be following you to league 1. Ps please can we have hawkridge back.
  4. Your player wouldn't be in danger had he looked, but it's really pointless speculating. The fact is you got 3 points and knott got banned for 3 games, I accept that, It's one of those things that on another day could've been a different story
  5. @allardyces tash The boot was lower than Stead's goal (Quality goal tbf), and in the same game a 6 foot 5 player got kicked in the head an it wasn't even a foul. The ref was incredibly inconsistent
  6. In my opinion the red wasn't right but I think we still wouldn't have have won had we had 11 men. I think had you had played us in August we would've given more of a fight, but we have a squad of 20 with 2 players injured so we don't have much room rotate having no reserve team, meaning we were exhausted and have been for a couple of matches. As for our GK Farmsy, he really is only still around as he's the only one still around from when we got relegated. In terms of Strengths he has what I'd argue to have the best kick in the league and can make some wondersaves, but in terms of weaknesses he panics when he has to come off his line. All in all I'd say 4 1 isn't so bad against a team like notts, but I think there is room for improvement. Good luck for the rest of the season, you're yet another team stranded in the lower leagues with championship support, so I hope you do well.
  7. From a Lincoln fan I think it will be 3 2 to notts county, you go 2 0 up in the first 60 minutes and then harry anderson will come on and bag a brace, then Hawkridge will grab a last minute goal. From what I can tell you don't have the quickest squad, so we will get our goals from pure pace. Sidenote on Hawkridge, I don't think he'll get stick, the fans understand he left for his boyhood club and guarenteed football, something he wouldn't get with us because he's not a "Lincoln player"

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