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Magpie Memories - Man City 30/01/11


It's a day most unlikely to forget, as it's one our younger fans will be able to pass down to their children in future years. The club very optimistic – as in recent years had seen Notts County go onto have decent cup runs.

Back in 2009 the previous season before this meeting Notts County had a very successful cup run which had seen them beat Wigan Athletic after 2-2 draw Meadow Lane.

I fondly recall the draw as a 'change' very much seemed to be in the air at this point and after a concerning season it was nice to get things into consideration. The FA Cup is something I look forward to each season, as it's the time we can forget about our struggles, promotion aspirations and just be ourselves.

I was unlucky enough to be unable to attend the game due to work commitments, my line manager knowing I was a county fan asked a few days prior to the game if I wanted to alter my shift slightly to allow me to catch the game on television which was a very kind gesture.

The shift went by quite fast surprisingly and I fondly recall telling my joy to the residents about this big tie, who I hold very dear to my heart. It was a honour working in the care home, I made so many good friends whose lives had become effected due to mental and physical health. During my time their I often took a resident down to the lane to watch a match.

Having rushed home, my family and parents sat in our living room. My two children (at this point) Jake and Ellie had their county shirts on. Ellie was loosely watching but Jake, excited that Grandma and Granddad were over, quickly lost interest temporarily.

I wasn't very optimistic, I will openly admit to seeing this one as being a tie we would struggle with. The earlier minutes saw Manchester City dominating play but only conjuring up a few key chances. As time progressed Notts County managed to find their feet, which saw us hold play and attempt to attack at times.

Alan Gow would try to use his trickery which drew them into making fouls, Karl Hawley was also very impressive with his work rate but it was a day very much so when our team was a unit.

Most chances in the first half fell to Manchester City who kept Krystian Pearce, Mike Edwards but also than keeper Stuart Nelson on his toes. Around the 8th minute mark, a chance which saw a save made by our keeper after a pass across our back line by Micah Richards had Toure Yaya stretching and Stuart Nelson saving the ball with his feet.

Then in the 59th minute Notts County had a corner, as the floating corner by Alan Gow reached 6 yard box Neal Bishop made a run unmarked through the City defence and latched onto the ball with a gliding header saw the ball fly into the net. Flapping Joe Hart and poor Pablo Zabaleta unable to prevent the wonderful set piece, which made a huge impact on the game. Finally I was thinking could we do the undo-able and actually beat the giants Manchester City of the Premier League?

This saw changes made to the way City were playing, they started to become more direct and they had memorable chances which again kept our defence very active.

As frustration seemed to be getting the better of most of Manchester Cities chances, the game looked in very good shape for our club as our players fought to keep the ball around the half way line, however in the 80th minute once again Micah Richards probably one of their better players of the match ran direct towards our area and provided Edin Dzeko an easy tap in.

The lads unlike some teams kept battling showing great character, as chances fell for both sides. Alan Gow again (underrated in my opinion) floated in another wonderful ball from a free kick which saw the unlikeliest of players 'Steady Eddie' creep around the back narrowly missing the ball.

The game finally drew to a close, by this point I wasn't fully sitting on my sofa but practically right on the edge and somewhat in the air. A great game, one which must of felt more amazing for those in attendance, the final score 1-1. A day that many will remember and for exactly the right reasons. The cup often brings some exciting fixtures, this provided us Notts fans a chance to dream and re-visit one of the biggest sides in the Premier League, a very proud day in modern football.


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Yes, I remember this match very well and could so easily have been a giant killing.Seem to recall you almost jumping into the tv when Notts scored. and the kids going mad with excitement.

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