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Ratings : Notts v Southend


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Slocombe 4.5  marked down for inability to see the better ball out to the defence

Brindley 4 choosing wrong options, got caught in possession in a dangerous position

Lacey 6 Best of the defence, can pass a ball

Cameron 5.5 Goal, yes but subject to defensive lapses too

Taylor 5.5 Always left with the feeling he should deliver more

Richardson 8 (motm) His slide rule pass for Wooton, absolutely perfect. There were times he was demanding the ball, but not getting it

Palmer 6.5 Wrongly given motm by the sponsors. Tidy performance

Vincent 7.5 The amount of running this guy does is unbelievable. So many runs not picked out by passes though

Roberts 7 Caught in possession, led to Southend's goal. Calm finish to make it 1-1

Ruben 6 Quieter game, booking may mean he misses Chesterfield

Wootton 7 Two goals, perhaps should have been more. Great rob  to set up Roberts for Notts first



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Slocombe: 6 - He struggled a bit due to the awful start, but made up for it with some very decent saves.

Brindley: 5 - Disappointing, he could've marked better for their opening goal and just seems a bit lost as a centre back.

Lacey: 5 - Awful at the start, failing to control Matt Palmers pass was extremely frustrating and, although he did fine in the second half - his first half performance hindered his overall rating massively.

Cameron: 6.5 - Likewise, he started off a little sluggish, but he did deal with defensive threats quite well when he was marking the player nearest him. Going forward, he was brilliant. Southend struggled to deal with him.

Taylor: 6 - He did well in the first half, looked threatening going forward and, defensively, I felt he was acceptable in his performance.

Richardson: 7.5 - Looked nervous and a little lost in the first half, but in the final 45 minutes - he found more time to influence the game, especially once we stopped trying to use Joel Taylor as the main threat down the left - hand side. It opened up more time on the right, where I felt Southend really struggled - this gave Richardson a lot more time to influence play. His finishing wasn't good, but credit for all the unselfish passes where he put the ball in the right place. He could've got on the scoresheet!

Palmer: 7 - He gets Notts going in more ways than just by his passing, his smart, intelligent play allows others less gifted to also shine. He started off unlike himself, but I don't think he did much wrong. I think it shows how class he is, when others don't bring down his performance.

Vincent: 8 - The true Man of the Match for me, he did well in both halves and chased everything. A little clumsy at times with his challenges, yet that seemed down to his desire to get us back to performing well. His passing was general decent, movement had real purpose and, without his energy I think we'd have struggled a lot more.

Roberts: 6 - Average by his standard, a good goal to get us level, but he failed to retain the ball a lot of the time.

Ruben: 5 - He didn't impress me, he showed his greed at times (when better options was on). He didn't do much to actually change the game, looked sluggish on the ball and wasn't a threat on goal - if you take away first half free kick and, the one shot he ballooned over the crossbar in the second. What else did he do?

Wootton: 7.5 - If he had got the third goal, the MOM would've been his - he makes the right runs at the right time. Worked hard to keep us going forward and, just focused on the game itself.

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Thanks for the ratings, I followed it on the radio but that always gives you a much more limited impression of individual performances.

I was initially really frustrated that Rodders will be missing for Chesterfield, but going by this, being forced to give him a rest and play Roberts further forward could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

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Slocombe 6 - dribbling in his six yard box isn't his thing, but he did what he had to do efficiently.
Brindley 6 - not one of his better games, but he played ok.
Lacey 7 - solid and dependable.
Cameron 7 - love the way he leads by example, but a couple of dodgy moments late on.
Richardson 6.5 - improved as the game went on, looks like he could be a good loanee.
Palmer 7 - a bit off the pace first half, showed his qualities in the second.
Vincent 8* - energetic all over the pitch, was at the heart of many of our good bits.
Roberts 6.5 - still not quite there and maybe not in his ideal position, still caused them problems.
Taylor 6 - struggled to get forward as much as he usually does.
Rodrigues 6 - another in and out game, the silly booking was disappointing.
Wootton 8 - missed a good chance very early, but more than made up for it later. Crucial to our promotion chances.

Parsons 7 - added an attacking threat on the left, hopefully he'll get his chances to show what he can do.
O'Brien 6 - came on when the game was won, but played his part.
Francis n/a

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Pretty fair markings and I agree with @Chrisand @Elite_piethat Vincent was the MOTM. he was all over the place and his energy definitely made us more dynamic until he was burnt out and subbed. He's reminding me a little bit of Andy Hughes after he signed many years ago, raw but infectious.

Richardson had a very good debut and looks a quality player. He was under utilised in the first half even though he was available, but we always seemed to choose a different option. He has given us much better balance and I can see him ripping Miller apart at Chesterfield as he can't defend effectively.

I would have given the man off the match award to Wootton if he had scored a hat trick, he missed a really good chance early in the first half. and had another good chance later but headed wide. 

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