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'Know where not to go wrong': Notts County fan interview

Pride of Nottingham's Liampie has spoken to fellow Notts County fans Melvyn Watson, "Magpie Moomin" and Joe Maskrey about their thoughts on the season just gone.

Q1: Do you feel Neal Ardley should remain as Notts County manager?

MW: “Stability is required at NCFC so I believe we should keep NA as manager, he is a wheeler dealer in the transfer market and has good contacts, he is passionate about NCFC. Not being able to show authority with senior players that he did not sign, his substitutions showed a fear of not losing.”

MM: “I don't feel Neal has bought anything to the team - I would prefer big Kev to come back.”

JM:"Yes keep him in charge, as he took Wimbledon out of that division, so he has proved he can do it."

Q2: Relegation to the Vanarama National League means that Notts are no longer the “Oldest Professional Football League Club”, firstly how did relegation feel for you? And secondly are you saddened to see the club lose the title?

MW: “I was totally gutted the way we were relegated, certain players did not feel the pain as much as the fans, regarding losing out title, I think it will devalue the saleable asset of our club but when we get back in the league, it will be regained.”

MM: "I like all Notts fans were absolutely gutted to see us go down and although Forest are claiming our title its only on loan for one season.”

JM: "Gutted for us to be relegated, but knew it was coming. Yes, also gutted to see us lose the title."

Q3: Notts took over 2,000+ fans to the Swindon game, do you feel the support can continue within the Non League?

MW: “We will still get 3500 to 4500 fans at home and take the same usual fans to away games as we have superb fans.”

MM: “yes we will have big support in our non league campaign because when your black and white your black and white for life no matter what league we are in.”

Joe Maskrey "I feel the fans will still go to matches in good numbers, IF they still support us."

Q4: When the takeover finally completes, do you want Alan Hardy to remain as the clubs chairman?

MW: “I believe if Alan Hardy remains in any capacity at NCFC the supporters will desert our club, he needs to never enter Meadow Lane again after the sale.”

MM: "No to AH he is a spent force we need change through out the whole club top to bottom.”

JM: "NO WAY! Hardy should leave, and hand the baton to another chairman to take us in a fresh and another direction."

Q5: In summary, how would you describe this past League Two season and what can the club learn from it?

MW: “This season has been a nightmare for all NCFC fans, so much hope at the start of the season, the running of the club and the recruitment from the off was very poorly done, I do not believe the manager at the time did not have enough input on who was kept and who was recruited, as for having 3 managers in one season again was the downfall of our club, the chairman was playing with our club and had no idea how to run a professional football club. The new owners need a person with experience of running a club and have the authority to hire the manager and players he wants as well as restructuring the staff at the club and make a priority to get a recruitment person in ASAP, cut the playing staff down to a maximum of 25.”

MM: “what I have learned about the last season is that the only people who care about Notts County football club are the fans, owners/managers/players just don't have anywhere near the pride or passion that us fans have, they are there at the end of their careers to take a wage. How many times have you read comments like if they played with the same pride as the fans singing loud and proud week in week out we would be in the Championship.”

JM: "This season has been a disaster! The club can only learn from this. Changing management so early in a season was a big no no, so to learn from that is KEY. When the new owners take over, they should know where NOT to go wrong."

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Good views, thanks @liampie.

I would keep Neal Ardley myself, I think Mel is absolutely right about stability. Its key for success and I think there's more chance of establishing ourselves as a good National League team within our first season with him at the helm.

We don't need another season where the manager is guessing who to play.

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