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  1. I wouldnt think we need anymore loans/players even in an emergency.
  2. If i had to choose one i would choose to be promoted back up to the league.
  3. Not really my type of music either.
  4. It will spread but i dont think it will be any worse than the flu in terms out people getting it.
  5. Id be happy with anything thats a win tbh but more goals for us would be even better.
  6. Cupboard until they are open, then in the fridge as they last longer that way. Not many like sauce in our house so they need to last ages. We only have tomato ketchup & mayo anyway.
  7. My answer would be mostly the same as chris's. Maintainence on chloes grave. I did also do my usual voluntary work at my youngest's primary school and i also helped out with swimming. Slightly out of routine, which i generally don't like but that kept me busy.
  8. They probably are, but to me thats a bad thing because it means it may be alot busier and i can't cope when its busy. I hope you have a nice holiday in summer.
  9. I wish we could have a holiday not in the school holidays but i'm not paying the big fines for it. @meg_walshx
  10. I really would be more confident in Notts with slocombe in goal. We are doing ok with McDonnell but not the best
  11. They have looked better this season. Definetly better together.
  12. I would assume so because theres been quite a few short term loans this season.
  13. Easy game but well done to aveley for trying today. Well done to them for getting so far. Good win for us.
  14. It could but as long as its contained it wont be as bad as other rare illnesses we've had in the uk before.
  15. It would of been more ideal to be a different time but its that date now so hopefully it all goes ahead.
  16. I think we easily have players in some positions at the moment.
  17. Happy Birthday @super_ram i hope you've had a good day. Nice to see you today!
  18. There wasnt alot of rain here though so im guessing fans werent happy coz some would assume the weather wouldnt of been much different there. Not good for the fans that had already travelled though, it should of been announced earlier.
  19. Preasure will be on the players at the end of the season anyway and as it draws nearer us as fans need to support them aswell.
  20. We see the game in such a different way, he has his favourites and he only picks from.a certain set players which to me isnt fair
  21. It all has its ups and downs, just like everything in life.

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