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  1. Take them seriously, be solid at the back and the rest will come. Reason Notts struggles against Eastleigh is because they're smarter to passing football at this level, they will disrupt play and allow it to settle only when it suits them.
  2. If Notts allowed Ruben Rodrigues to leave within season, during a promotion chasing season I would be in despair. Go back to the early 90's and see how selling your best assets works out during the season. It doesn't and that's how bigger teams survive by retaining their players until a suitable time to let them go.
  3. Sunderland might be a easier tie, that could motivate those Newcastle lads a bit more.
  4. It stinks of money, Stockport are trying to force themselves out of the league. I am unsure if it will pay off for them.
  5. Time moves forward, but I am not so sure he's the type to lead a squad. Notts appeared to be better off without him.
  6. Every season will have ups and downs unless we are at one end of that. I wished some fans would have the patience to see better times, Notts are working towards solid foundations and I can see the promising signs. I am completely happy with how the season is going so far. It could be better, it might have been worse.
  7. There's nothing wrong with pineapple on pizza, the thing that makes it the greatest food is the different toppings you can add!!
  8. Stockport can play proper football, but they also do go route one. I think if Notts don't get stuck passing and going nowhere, the winner will be down to who manages the game better. Strike first, defend the lead and just see out the game. They won't be coming for a draw I wouldn't imagine, so Notts needs to have a stronger mindset themselves.
  9. Three criteria boxes for me. Speed - much needed in this squad. Notts has pace, but not a lot of players who can use it to turn the opposition inside out or chase those long hit balls forward. Goal scorer - proven striker who can bag goals. Someone capable of finding the net and scoring goals from out of nothing would be a big draw for Notts. Experience - someone who is of the age 25-29. Young players are fine in the making, but Notts needs someone who knows the Non League and has that experience to outwit defenders.
  10. @upthepies has expressed my thoughts on this, pretty much.
  11. I would say it looks to be a promising signing, I think he's capable of playing 30 games but I see him as more of one for the future.
  12. It's what dreams are made of, the return of Hughesy and the infamous Munto squad.
  13. I don't mind the mint green shirt, its just not very Notts. I much prefer the home one.
  14. Hi @steve61 There's nothing to say you have to post every day, I read the forum on a daily basis but only join in when I have the time. That and having something valid to add, its a good site. Well worth the time I spend on it.
  15. I have to say, I think Lewis Knight has all the tools to succeed if given a chance. He has pace and appears to be keen to do well, sometimes players like Knight just need a break or a piece of luck. I felt as if Neal Ardley put too much pressure on him. The lad was signed during a dry patch where the team wasn't creative enough chances. Under better circumstances I think he would thrive, under Ian Burchnall's support it should be enough to bring him up to the level we require. If he works hard enough, it will come.
  16. Those are packing personality and style! I would love to see Notts have a nice away kit like that this season.
  17. I would imagine there's a chance he could play further up too, so he might be someone who could replace Cal Roberts if needed.
  18. 32 followers, its a credible source I think. They're now saying we are linked with someone called Frank Vincent. If they throw enough mud, something will stick. If Notts was seriously interested in Omar Bogle it would be a big coup if he signed. I think he's a bit out of reach realistically.
  19. Notts 4 Maidenhead 0, great away game! Revenge for the home tie too.
  20. Ruben Rodrigues gets vote, easily. No question about it!
  21. 67k raised of 100k over half way, nice to see. Best wishes to Graeme Lee's family.

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