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  1. Sorry Piethagoram but this is how I see it, When Stanley doesn't play do we miss him...NO If Stanley left for pastures new would we miss him...NO Come January will League 2 clubs,or above, be forming an orderly queue for his services...NO If he left would Notts be able to find a replacement of better quality from the hundreds of available players...YES and its not just Stanley, the above can be applied to about ten of the current squad.
  2. Sheridan keeps picking his own signings simply because they are better than anything else we currently have in the squad. I cant understand why people don't like Dickinson he's a good solid full back and for me Tootle has so far been one of our stand out players. The reality is we have a big squad but most of them aren't up to it as was proved last season. I'm not going to draw up a list but with the exception of the Sheridan signings,Stead, Richards and a couple of youngsters the rest can all be offloaded at the earliest opportunity to free up some space for more Sheridan signings. And don't get me started on Aborah, for a player with his skill and touch his contribution when he does play is always a massive let down. Possibly our best player last season but that says more about the rest than it does about Stanley. Sheridan is one of the best managers in this division and we need to back him and his signings all the way. And come January hopefully the chairman will too.
  3. Duffy already looks like player of the season, Aborah could really shine once O'Connor comes in and takes some pressure off him and frees up some space. All the new signings look real quality. the best signing has got to be Sheridan and Crossley.
  4. Coopers the right man at this level or as good as any if you prefer, if he wasn't FGR wouldn't be sniffing around, it would be madness for Notts to let him slip away. He's done as well as you could expect with the current squad and there in lies the problem. The current squad is completely disjointed, half a dozen right backs of questionable quality, a midfield lacking strength quality ability and leadership, a few fringe strikers and two more of proven quality but not getting any kind of service or back up and then getting slated for not single handedly winning every game for us. Recommended: Keep Cooper, let him choose who we should sign (which may be limited due to half the current squad being contracted for next season already). He's a proven manager, let him manage. Not recommended: Employing the hapless Guy Branston.Full Stop.
  5. Well that was my first away game in quite some little while, and what a great game it was, plenty of Notts fans there, great atmosphere, some good banter with the Northampton fans and most importantly an impressive performance and result. Mark Cooper doing a good job with the same (actually slightly smaller) squad. Actually looking forward with some hope and expectation now. Hurrah!!!
  6. I too will maintain an optimistic outlook, 22nd , with 40 points. It's gonna be a long long haul to the end of season festivities.
  7. I said it on twitter and i'll say it here, Fullaton looked like a broken man on the touchline second half , he shook the hands of all the players as they left the pitch, looked like a thanks and goodbye gesture to me. In the radio interview afterwards he didn't seem particularly interested and Colin was almost despairing of him. He may yet walk away!!
  8. Without doubt a thoroughly decent bloke, couldn't help but feel sorry for him with the way it has all come to an end.
  9. I've seen Roy make some great saves without doubt, keeping Notts in games, without doubt. I've also seen him charge off his line and take down an opponent, charge off his line and be easily rounded and charge off his line and be lobbed. Theses things happen. But for me the biggest disappointment of the season so far for Roy was after York scored their second goal he deliberately stuck his leg out, very sneakily to trip up the York striker. Not big and not clever the sort of thing you might expect in school boy matches. For me he let himself down and the club down and could very very easily have been sent off for unsportsmanlike like conduct. Nothing wrong with getting stuck in or winding up the opposition but that was pathetic. (rant over). If Loach is going to be No1 next season put him in now as were going nowhere and have nothing to lose. I'm also not a big fan of goalies being captains no matter how good the goalie is.

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