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  1. Has gone on loan to Torquay.
  2. What lovely memories, I hope to take my Grandson to the Lane when he's older, he's 4 at the moment and we've got a great relationship already. I'm sure your Grandad would be proud of you as you are of him.
  3. One thing I hate with a passion is play acting players, who roll over and over as if they have a terrible injury and as soon as they get a free kick and the opposing player has been booked/sent off they are up like a spring chicken as if nothing has happened. I also don't like how aggressive fans can be towards each other, the players, the referee, chairman etc. and the awful abuse that can be directed towards them.
  4. I'll take another 1-0 scrappy win. I hope it isn't though, when we are 1-0 and the opposition are throwing everything at us in the last ten minutes it's not good for my health.
  5. I'll look out for someone on crutches, can't be many about.
  6. Lol, I've got nothing against Mansfield as long as they aren't beating us. My team to hate is Fword, I could never support them.
  7. The ref was abysmal, it's his first season and on that showing it'll be his last.
  8. I would play 4-4-2. Goal: Bart Defence: Sheehan, Liddle, Leacock, Kelly Midfield: Campbell-Ryce, bishop, Boucaud, Judge Attack: Zoko, Arquin Subs: Spiess, smith, Bencherif, Hughes, Cofie, Labadie, Showumni
  9. I'd forgot about David Pipe, I used to like him he always gave 100% where is he now. Another one springs to mind Mike Edwards, he certainly earned the title "steady Eddie"
  10. Funnily enough I used to sit in the kop and the atmosphere is great but being an old Sirrell stand occupant I like the side view. So when I reached the ripe old age of 60 and went on to concession rate I thought I swap to Pavis. I've got a great seat now right behind the dugouts, I like watching the managers antics. Trouble is they're all old fogies around me, only joking Julie if you read this. :-)
  11. I've not really thought about it and I hope it never happens but my alternative team would probably be Eastwood Town or Mansfield.
  12. I was in the Pavis and there looked to be plenty of empty seats in the kop, I would say 5,500 was about right.
  13. Not a pretty match and if I was a Carlisle fan I would be making the long journey home wondering how they lost. Credit must definitely go to man of the match our goalie who I will call Bart because I can't spell his name. He made some fantastic saves. Boucaud saw a great effort hit the post otherwise it would have been 2-0. We'll done Notts it's 3 points and no one will remember the scrappy game it's the points that matter. YOUPIES - Roll on Wednesday
  14. That just about sums it up Super Ram, quick break and a superb lob by Judge which I thought was going to hit the bar (he's good at that) but it went just under. We need another goal while it stays at one we are vulnerable, hoping we go forwards quicker and less sideways and backwards in the second half. Wish I was in the Sirrel stand the sun is shining over there, it's cold in the Pavis stand. Brrrrrr.
  15. Still playing? Hmm got to be Lee Hughes I suppose, I was gutted when he left. Also liked Ben Davies.
  16. I think he is one of a number of players who were VERY disappointed when Curle was sacked. It remains to be seen if he fits in with the way the manager wants to play and whether he wants to play for him. CK says he doesn't want to change things too much so hopefully Jamal will still be part of his plans, it's up to him to carry on playing well. I note according to reports he had a bit of a mare on Tuesday lets hope it was a blip, on his day he is an exciting player.
  17. Welcome to the community David, glad you took the plunge and came to say hello. You will find a real friendly bunch of folks. Look forward to chatting, you'll soon be addicted.
  18. I am hoping tomorrow is when the new found confidence really spurs us on to a good win. It's time we started winning on a regular basis at home, The last home match was a good start lets bag a few goals again. I'm going for 3-0. There that'll put the mockers on it. It'll be good to see Steady Eddie again, he'll get a good reception.
  19. The kids for a quid scheme as been extended for the rest of the season. Got to be a good move. http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/article/kids-for-a-quid-extended-685249.aspx
  20. It's never over until the fat lady sings, we still have a chance and while we have I will remain positive. We are definitely coming back into form since CK took charge so you never know where that could take us. The players are starting to show some belief and as we know confidence is a very big thing in football. COYP
  21. Wow, thank you so much I am honoured. I feel a speech coming on.................... Seriously, it's much appreciated, as for my contributions to the site, it is a pleasure to be involved in this great site and thanks to all the work that Joe, cheeky and the rest of the gang put in behind the scenes. I own and run a forum about motorhomes so I know what hard work it can be so all the accolades should go to the admin of this forum in my opinion for making it available to us mere contributors.
  22. Welcome Hayley, good luck with your event and I hope you stick around, look forward to chatting about Notts.
  23. Happy birthday Super Ram, hope you enjoyed your day with the family. I know what you mean about getting old when I look in the mirror it's a shock to see an old bloke looking back.
  24. The only soap I like is Coro (don't like calling it Corrie!). The story lines are so predictable but I still have to watch it. I can remember Crossroads and used to watch that too. Remember when Carlos the Chef died and came back as his twin brother?
  25. Bit harsh William. Let's give him a chance first eh? I think maybe the board were thinking to give Kiwomya the job and see how he goes then maybe appoint a more experienced manager in the close season but if Chris does well then there is no reason why he can't earn a two or three year contract with the club. I for one hope he succeeds because if he does that will mean Notts are succeeding too. He has had a lot of personal tradegy just lately and he deserves a break.

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