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  1. Interesting to discuss the pros and cons of players. Undoubtedly, as part of a winning team, if you could engineer a supply of passes to Jorge Grant, in a couple of yards of space on the edge of their box, then he's a potent attacking threat. Particularly, as we know, from direct free-kicks. However, as earlier comments tell, the lad is fairly lightweight and not really cut out for the rough-and-tumble stuff. He's just a bit too pretty, and keen to remain so. Fair enough. But that does mean that, consequently, you'd need to fit a grittier, more defensive-minded player into your formation. I suppose, like any player, you have to weigh up what he does give you, against what he doesn't give you. Given our current predicament, I doubt you'd find many Notts fans, if any, who'd now swap Doyle for Jorgie-G.
  2. The best use of a January transfer window that I can remember, for Notts. What an incredible turnaround. Tremendous credit must, off course, go to manager Neil Ardley and his backroom staff. Only a couple of weeks ago, I'd resigned myself to the fact that we neither had the fight nor the personnel and, consequently, spent an evening researching the potential geography of the National Conference. Buoyed by two terrific performances prior to 'the biggest ever Nottinghamshire derby...ever', I was unusually confident in the lead up to this encounter. Nerves duly arrived in the hours before kick-off; this decade-long-hoodoo-thing but I reasoned that another spirited performance would be a sizeable challenge for the yellows. In the end, it turned out to be fairly easy, didn't it? Their support fell quieter and quieter still with each moment. Perhaps it's just as well that their centre-back, Turner, wasn't sent from the field after seven minutes. For sometimes, it can galvanise the away support. Their team had some selection trouble, as a result of an away defeat in Wales the previous week. Ours picked itself. Which was nice. If we'd have had this Notts side back in August...(!)and They may well chirp of poor refereeing, or that they had an off day. Notts just had a bigger fighting spirit and wanted it more, which I attribute, almost entirely, to the recent addition of the two Irish fellas 'in the middle, who never give the ball awaaayyy'. Quite simply, Town had an off day because we suffocated their play in the middle. Much like in chess; who owns the middle, usually wins the game. Our newly configured back-four were tremendous. To a man, we played them off the park. We beat them hands down. Fair and square victors. They can have zero complaints. Zero. Up top, we now have energy, pace and craft. Whenever we need an out-ball, we can play it into the corners behind their lines for speedy Gomis to latch on to. Notts have come together just when we needed it most. We won't go down. No way - not with these kind of performances. Bravo, Notts! You Pies!
  3. Rather than a catalogue of wonderful Notts performances, it seems far easier to recall games in which we have been poor but I guess that's why, overall, we're in Division Four. Personally, the yardstick for the most depressingly woeful Notts performance shall forever be the five-nil pasting that Macclesfield Town dished out to us, at home, on a cold January night in 2005. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_3/4197571.stm That said, I thought Yeovil Town's visit just this August was getting frightfully close to a complete and utter shambles. I'm still convinced that some of our back-four would have failed a breathalysing test that night. For the best Notts performances, I find I have to think for longer. In recent times, last season's First Round FA Cup win at home to Bristol Rovers, after having quickly been two-nil down, stands out. I think I have to consider some great victories under Mickey Walker, '93/'94 season, when we virtually beat everyone at home, including dismantling both Derby County and Leicester City 4-1, as well as beating our city neighbours.
  4. I gather Jake Buxton has been having a chat with Big Al today. Whilst at first glance it might appear unlikely that he'd drop down to Division Four, my Derby-based work colleague reckons there's a chance he'd come to Notts. Sure, a return to Burton Albion is way more likely but he'd essentially be in a season long relegation fight. Notts, on the other hand, are building, hopefully, a side to challenge for promotion over the next couple of seasons. In short, we could be playing Burton again as early as next season, and according to my contact, Buxton would rather make it there on merit, rather than being in a substandard outfit. Don't be held to ransom by Forest Green Vegans for Noble, offer this defensive hard man a three year contract, please, Mr Chairman.
  5. I understand there are a few weekends that currently have both Nottingham teams at home for a 3pm kickoff. That we are away, for the seventh consecutive year, on the opening day is strange. Statistically long odds. I won't be going to the seaside on Boxing Day. There's no reason to hand us such a trek on Bank Holiday. Traditionally, local fixtures are dished out. Like the majority of clubs in the EFL. Is it done by bad computer programming or a poor computer programmer? Lastly, don't enjoy having to miss local derby versus Chesterfield in August - bang in the middle of holiday season.
  6. If memory serves, he scored a hat-trick against us some years back in the Fourth Division. Rotherham United, perhaps? As you say, though, notts-joe, could be an attitude problem. We don't need any of that nonsense.
  7. Not that I follow the trials and tribulations of other football clubs in any great detail but I don't think I've ever heard of a club being put up for sale and then not finding a buyer. Rarer still, i'd have thought, to appoint yet another manager on a 3-year deal, prior to sale, whereupon a new buyer might have had their own candidate in mind, is a move I just can't quite comprehend. I am not lambasting our owner. I never have, in spite of everything, there is, I feel, much to be grateful for. That said, I grow wearisome of the ongoing theatrics in this footballing episode of 'deal or no deal'. A few seasons ago, if memory serves, we had a five year plan, the brainchild of Mr Trew. I am not a perfectionist and I realise that the best laid plans often go wrong but it seems hard to believe any of this current guff is the result of any plan. To me, this looks like an unscripted, adhoc piece of absurdist farce. Should there not turn out to be a sale, and I'm preparing myself for exactly that, I am now to understand that Mr T is to begrudgingly continue to bankroll the club, akin to hanging a dead albatross around his neck as punishment. I guess it is the realism of Trew's vision for the club that I query most. Is he in or out? It strikes me it has been interchangeable. And this, I reckon, is the reason for the choppy waters we are in.
  8. Of all the names in the above list that are exiting the club, I have to say that Branston is the one I'm most pleased about. The last fifteen months have seen a completely unnecessary relegation, an importation of some twenty-one players of varying skill and, for the most part, dubious mental strength, resulting in such a disappointing league campaign. I'm not inferring that all of this is Branston's fault but, as chief scout, he has to be jettisoned for his part in the failure. Notts must be careful when it comes to appointing their next main scout. The club need to learn from the disastrous mistakes made, especially as money, as the song goes, too tight to mention. However this matter has concluded itself, the club has made the first step in halting the decline. Notts have done good business in ridding themselves of a turd.
  9. Personally, I'd be delighted if Martin Allen was reappointed at The Lane. Granted, he's not everyone's cuppa tea but I dig his style. Unorthodox, bit of a maverick, misunderstood bohemian tendencies but intensely focused and strongly determined. I'm unsure of MA's current contract with Barnet. Though, I don't quite get the footballing sensitivities of making approaches for other clubs' managers. When does tapping up become poaching?
  10. I don't enjoy to trade in speculation, generally. As has been noted already, this prolonged silence from the club heightens anxiety, as well as hampers preparation for next season. Given the names of faces currently spinning by on the unemployed managerial merry-go round, and not being excited by any of the dross, I decided to spend a few minutes investigating. Since Sky invented football, I decided to have a scuba in their think-tank. Of the thirteen English clubs listed, for whom there is 'next permanent manager' market, Malky Mackay's odds are shortest for the Notts County role; 12/1. Steve Cotterill is at 14s, just for context.
  11. Nice one, Forest. Fair play and bravo. Well deserved, Steady Eddie. Yes, we'll be there. Tally-ho, you stalwart.
  12. Am just trying to read between the lines, given 'two good results'; could Cooper need four more points to trigger the clause? If it's any higher, I don't think he'll manage it, personally. That said, it could be just two draws, which, given the season, could be seen as 'good results'.
  13. I agree, notts-joe.I loved the injection of raw passion from Shaun when he first took over. After all, he was one of our own. The togetherness within the club, never mind the dressing-room, seems an age ago. Seven points adrift with nine left to play. The utter joy and relief at gaining that point at Oldham. Derry had worked magic. Time destroys everything. Magic fades. I think SD will turn out to be a decent lower league manager, renowned for tough, uncompromising teams. Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. It is, after all, a funny ol' game. Who knows, a return spell at the Lane at some point if he can add to his box of tricks?
  14. I guess that scouting a potential target, or inviting him for a trial, is one aspect of signing a player but it seems that Notts have neglected to consider the mentality of recently imported players. In view of Martin Allen's comments, which point something of a finger in the direction of Branston for bringing in such a fragile bunch, it leaves me puzzled and annoyed at this mistake, which, almost literally, Notts just can't afford to make. Goodness gracious me. What a season! There is a real toxicity at Meadow Lane at the moment.
  15. At half-time, with a cousin either side of me, we considered that, with a bit more composure around their box, we might have a more fruitful second half. Attacking towards our fans. Shooting boots had definately been left behind at Meadow Lane, and we were well positioned to see that the left flank wasn't working at all. The capitulation that followed was about as bad as I can recall. Probably not since Macclesfield thumped us 5-nil a little over a decade ago. On both occasions, I left after the fourth goal. On both occasions, a fifth had gone in by the time my key was in the ignition. I very seldom abandon Notts, but on these two such occasions, personally, I consider it necessary. Born of frustration, as the song goes. An abect lack of pace and pride blight this Notts side of late. The new manager has quite some task ahead. I'd advocate an entirely new back four. Not merely because of this terrible drubbing, mind. As so very bad as it was.

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