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  1. This side doesn't know when it's beaten. Such character, such pride! I've just seen a fantastic comment from a Barnsley fan on how our team were encouraging each other and making sure everyone kept their shape all through the game, and we had 11 captains on the field. He said Derry must have been proud as punch. It just goes to show how in the lower leagues, at least, character and togetherness, a team that will run through brick walls for each other, will still succeed over teams with flair and talent. The world is our lobster!
  2. Oh deep joy! We could actually do this! Come on you pies! (sorry for all the !!!! but I'm very happy)
  3. We now have to beat Crewe and Colchester. We could do this but it's all about our inconsistency. Six points, 4 at the least and maybe we stand a chance, but I can't bear to get my hopes up yet. The one thing I don't understand is why we aren't trying to tie up some of the players out of contract who we would obviously like to keep, like Liddle, Spencer, Murray, perhaps Sheehan. Perhaps we are doing but no one is talking about it, but I'm surprised none of the press have ever asked about this. I get that it's difficult until we know what league we're in, but surely there is some way round it? It would be gutting to lose the entire team. We probably need to stay up to keep them. They'll know they're good enough for league 1 and unless we can match the wages it'll be difficult to hang onto them. I wish Spencer had been signed with an option to keep him for another year.
  4. When did he bad mouth the club and what did he say?
  5. I didn't know that Dripsey, but would they allowed to be called Notts county ladies still? And if so, I doubt their fans would support that either!
  6. I'm not so sure about this Dripsey. Don't they HAVE to be affiliated to a league club to compete in the WSL? Plus, the whole DIVISION didn't exist before. I think Lincoln ladies were the only ones who didn't have a league club of the same name, so I'm not sure what else could have happened? Having said that, as a fan I'd be absolutely gutted. Imagine having supported Lincoln Ladies for years and then suddenly their home games are played a long way away? Difficult one, but I don't see it as the same as MK.
  7. I think I could definitely rule a few out, even by just listening to the game! When Dean Yates loses his temper at one, you pretty much know that they're incompetent!
  8. I'd still love to know what a 'significant transfer fee' is for a top ladies player, and what wages they can command. Also, I'm a bit interested in if it's ever been or is likely to be challenged under equality laws!
  9. I think we were just outclassed. It's clear our squad just isn't a match for the top teams in this league. We haven't beaten a single one of them. In fact the past few seasons we've struggled in that department. I don't think it will affect our relegation battle in the long run, we just MUST beat the teams in and around us. A few draws against teams higher up wouldn't go amiss either.
  10. http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/League+One/Notts+County Check out this article above...I found it whilst looking for something re tomorrows game. It's in the bottom right of the page in a column entitled top stories last 24 hours. The article itself is FC Kansas City transfer Scott to Notts County. The reason I thought some might find it interesting is that we apparently 'paid a significant fee' for her. I wonder what sort of money we're talking about for a female player? By the way, I haven't highlighted this just so people can say 'huh, Ray won't pay for a transfer to the mens team'. I'm wondering if having a ladies team in the superleague, if they do well particularly, might benefit Notts County as a whole Sorry, it wouldn't let me link the actual article page so I've had to put in the directions above, but below is a c and p of the article... FC Kansas City and the NWSL complete transfer to Notts County FC FC Kansas City and the NWSL have transferred Desiree Scott to Notts County FC in England. "We are disappointed to lose a player of Desiree's quality but we wish her all the best with her new club and know that our team is building a roster that can once again challenge for the league title," FC Kansas City head coach Vlatko Andonovski said via press release. Sources close to the situation report that FC Kansas City is receiving a significant transfer fee (for women's soccer) and are satisfied with the result. When Scott was originally signed by Notts County FC in early January it was a surprise to both FC Kansas City and the NWSL. Scott and fellow Canadian international Lauren Sesselmann were both considered to be under contract by the league. The players and their agent maintained that they were not. Privately, sources within the team have consistently stated they would like to have Scott back but if she wanted to go elsewhere they would just look for fair compensation. Sesselmann was taken by the Houston Dash in the expansion draft and there is no word on whether that situation has been resolved.
  11. I've just listened to Shauns interview on mp again, and it's the last interviewer. He says that Kenny Jackett was at the Coventry game and made some very nice comments about us in the press, then he mumbles something I can't catch, probably a name and says they think Notts county are in a false position and something about us being the best footballing team. If it was in the press it should be available somewhere but I can't find it!
  12. Unfortunately not yet Liam. I'll keep trying because I'd really like to hear/read them.

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