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  1. Pinnacle creditors 'received substantial sum from Notts County'

    Calm down. I see this has already spread and numbers increased on other forums. Fact is, of course the debt is not payable to Ray Trew, why would it be? Once again, this debt was fully disclosed, as confirmed this time by AH. It was reflected in the sale price. I can't disclose what that actually was, but it was nowhere near the figures bandied about.
  2. Favourite Notts County shirt?

    Loved the Adidas one, single magpie? Can't remember which season it was. It was between Puma and Adidas this next season, but the min quantities were too big on the latter, so opted for Puma. Good kits, though!
  3. sorry, words tumbling out but you get what I mean!
  4. If I remember correctly, it was about £25k for going up as champions. The prize money isn't bigger for play off promotion, but you'd get about 200-350k from the bigger gates. Like I said, in hindsight, when you know you've gone up, that's why might have chairmen preferred r it. Never, in a gazillion years, would I think it was something to aim for! But..we all think differently.
  5. Playoffs the target for 2017/2018

    I think we all know the pitch is done Every season. You might remember on our first of the 7, we had a major overhaul, and have invested in pitch works each and every season since, as per Head Groundsman's requirements. It's been documented on the OS. Makes a good story to say otherwise, though!
  6. Good to see. Our one constant is Johnny Wilson in that dept. The work he does both inside the club, and outreaching, has not only saved the club a small fortune but has put Notts in the spotlight for excellence. His work is phenomenal - prem league standard for sure. Well done, Notts.
  7. On another note, did anyone see the interview where AH said the aim was automatic promotion next season? Cue the startled rabbit look by KN - that's a big pressure to overachieve with a mid table budget. He does seem to have modified this, hence why he's amended his ambitions, it seems?
  8. Every chairman I've spoken to would rather they had gone up via the playoffs. BUT ONLY IN HINDSIGHT, when they already know they've been promoted! That's because of the buzz when you've won at Wembley...and the fact that it's far more financially lucrative. I think going up as Champions is the best option, though!
  9. Lee Hughes Q&A

    Or perhaps that all depends on what you want to believe?
  10. Lee Hughes Q&A

    some things never change, though ;-)
  11. Lee Hughes Q&A

    Very well, thank you. My BT is under control, the kids well and happy and the hubbie smiles much more :-) Good to see things going well at Notts. How's you?
  12. Lee Hughes Q&A

    I'm not in disguise. My other username didn't work.
  13. Lee Hughes Q&A

    How very rude you are.
  14. Lee Hughes Q&A

    Oh, absolutely!
  15. Lee Hughes Q&A

    If people choose to live their life telling and believing lies, that's up to them. I've no intention of suing anyone unless it directly harms my family. I have a life to live and don't need you to tell me what to do when you mean nothing to me.
  16. Lee Hughes Q&A

    and theres a couple of former employees who have spoken out. Anonymously, of course, though vociferously. You'd be surprised at the power of them to spread discontent to a willing audience. It doesn't mean to say that what a disgruntled ex employee says is truth, but it does save face with a future employer. And maybe books will be published. I've seen a couple already with gross inaccuracies...because unless you are actually there, you simply couldn't know what's happened. It's par for the course and really doesn't concern me too much but I do have a strong sense of justice and have no time for lies.
  17. Lee Hughes Q&A

    No problem.
  18. Lee Hughes Q&A

    It's 2 separate teams. There's no correlation. So, no
  19. Lee Hughes Q&A

    Well, I feel that there are many people out there who want to believe the spin. Other people can make up their own minds. I've been involved enough to know how people operate. Each to their own and good luck to them, if they feel that's what they need to do.
  20. Lee Hughes Q&A

    What do you mean?
  21. Lee Hughes Q&A

    What are you talking about, Chris? Who is the "certain party?' What "sick notes?"
  22. Lee Hughes Q&A

    Maybe they weren't stomped on or treated unfairly and that's why they haven't gone public? Just a thought?
  23. Lee Hughes Q&A

    I've not seen the video but there's a few inaccuracies there, if you're at all interested? The then manager chose the squad numbers and the first the Board knew of the reallocation of the no 9 shirt was when Hughesie talked to them about it. A totally unjustified move. And my view is that he shouldn't have left in the first place. We didn't leave at half time, but just before the end as we had a disabled person with us at Juve and they wanted to avoid the crush. What is relayed to players by management teams is often put in such a way that the board is blamed for others decisions. Cowardly, but commonplace. The Trews are actually 2 people. Each an individual. Take all this as you will, of course!
  24. Lee Hughes Q&A

    No, they didn't. No idea who told him that.

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