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Q/A with J&J Fund


49 took part out of 51 cyclists, how much money was raised by the event?

The bike ride hopes to raise in excess of £5,000. Riders are collecting in the sponsorship in the coming weeks and we hope to have the final total available in August.

On the 25th May 2010 a meeting was held in the boardroom to announce the launch of the Jimmy & Jack Memorial Fund , organised by Notts County fanzine - The Pie.

Could you please tell us a little about the Statue Fund - Such as how it came about and if you have any further event(s) planned etc?

The meeting, which was very well attended, saw the formation of the committee for the fund, whose primary aim was to raise the funds for a statue in honour of Notts County legends Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Wheeler. A committee was formed to help establish a fund raising campaign and design the statue, which will cost £75,000

The Jimmy and Jack statue fund raising committee was formed in 2011 by several fans who wanted to see the legends recognised and a statue made and funds now stand at £40, 387 (as at 19th June 2013). We do have other ideas about how to continue to raise funds and presently, we still have 116 plinth names (£25.00 each for a name) for sale, a limited number of the miniature statues for sale in the club shop, a rolling raffle to win a miniature statue. We also have a real asset in Jimmy Willan as a committee member and he has worked very hard to secure donations of football memorabilia from clubs across the country that we hope to have available through various events in the future. Our aim now is to have the funds raised by the end of the 13/14 season.

How did the committee manage to gain interest and help from the ex players?

Les Bradd plays a key role as part of the committee and it was his work, along with Paul Lowe (who sponsored the ride) that were able to secure the ride happening. Les through his obvious connection with the club and former players was able to encourage player participation and as you saw, they all entered into it with commitment and enjoyment.

As a organizer of the event, how did you feel taking part in and how much did it mean to you?

Taking part in the event was very important to me. I wasn't fortunate to see Notts under the leadership of Jimmy Sirrel, but I love the club I am passionate, along with many others to make sure we get this statue. This was my way as a committee member and a supporter to do my bit towards making it happen. It was great fun and surprisingly I would do it again for Jimmy and Jack . I will continue to do anything and everything that I am able to along with all other committee members but it must be said that it is the generosity of the fans that has got us to this point. If anyone wants to know more they can visit our website and of course they will always find a committee member in MLSB on matchdays.

Pride of Nottingham would like to wish the Statue Fund all the best with raising the required amount and we would also like to thank Lisa Black for answering our questions, along with putting time aside to do so.

Jimmy & Jack website; Visit Here

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well done joe, this is a good read and as you know i was not really aware of this. raised fair amount and all involved should really be proud! sorry i did not respond to your message, i was not aware of it.

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Being away from Nottinghamshire I have lost touch with the daily on goings, I tended to read the Evening Post's online site but I gave up with that. I think this is great, nice to see the fans doing something to pay respect to two of our legends!

Nice update, I appreciate it. Thank you!

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