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Why isn't it working?


I felt after last season we had turned a corner, I have to admit that Chris Kiwomya's appointment was disappointing – I had hoped we would go for experience but none the less I am willing to back any manager, just like I would regardless whoever played for Notts County. The early signs seemed promising, I eagerly awaited the final game and I have to say when it came – I felt saddened as you can imagine but the prospect of a brighter season soon followed. Now, Chris might not be setting the world alight last season but I felt it could improve with his own players signed.

At a glance he's done pretty well with regards to signings – Danny Haynes could very well be a gem but I think we need to find a style which suites him.

Players such as Yoann Arquin and Enoch Showunmi came back with a spring in their steps and certainly it seemed like we had a new strike force. The disappointing side for me was the fact we didn't make our back a little bulkier early on, for me this was a weak area. Though the majority wanted another striker and the midfield improving, one of which we are currently not really progressing in.

It's hard to single out Chris Kiwomya – Can it all be his fault? I wouldn't say so, however for me the majority of things are for him to handle and fix. Isn't this what a manager is for?

For me we could be doing far better, even with Chris who's learning on the job. It's hard to explain where exactly I think things could be improved but I am going to try. I'm sure he feels exactly the same way, as he's plotting his next decisions and tactics.

Firstly – I would try to find a routine and a formation which the players can become used too. I think 4-4-2 might be old fashioned but there's not much wrong with that, it's certainly far better than using Curle's previous formations – The now famous alone forward and of course 3 at the back.. Yawn....

We surely have a first 11 – Those who don't perform well in one game, shouldn't be dropped in the next – The only way I would drop a player is if he shows the same during training or he's been consistently poor. I'd pick the brighter players and tinker with finding ways of motivating the players who are currently not giving exactly 100%.

Yet – with a squad like ours we can't always afford to be choosy and so sometimes old fashioned management can come in handy in these situations. Being honest and open – prevents ill-feelings if handled correctly and hard work cannot be a bad thing.

If we insist on playing on the floor, we need to focus on this during training. There's no reason why we can't play pretty football but it's how it's applied from the back, which allows it to be successful going forward. Watching Notts sometimes reminds me of stacking domino’s and then allowing 'em to fall, we go forward and make good progress, only to knock the ball back and have to start all over again.

Thing's like this is where Chris needs to stamp his authority, it's easy to blame him and the players but a manager who tries hard, often isn't a manager who fails and I honestly feel he's scared of repercussions at times.

In games like MK Don's, there's easy way's to break up the play and hold pressure. The inability to mark/defend only allows teams to punish us and for me you cannot blame the players fully here, the watchful eye of the manager should be the person whom attempts to fix things. I feel we have a lack of inspiring players, vocal and aware.. True leaders who understand how to change games but this doesn't mean we can,t make the most of players like Fotheringham or Liddle – Who'd both be decent vice captains.

The answers to our misfortunes are how we prepare – Morale can be low, players confidence not very high but if you sit on this the situation grows and becomes worse.

It's clear the players need to learn to work together, each strength and weakness needs to be learned in order to aid and prevent mistakes. We should be seeing more partnerships, especially down the flanks and if things were able to click we might see more chances falling to our forwards, I sometimes wish they'd gamble more but you can't expect them to score if the service is poor or below par.

It's bordering on the final roll of the dice for Chris in the eyes of many fans and if the board want to show encouragement to the manager – they'll need to make sure he actually keeps at addressing the problems as we haven't seen any real “fixes”.

Of course it takes time for players to get used to each other, hence why I believe we need to start with simple steps.

The training sessions should be where we try to mix things, encourage creativity and hopefully we can see some of it applied on the field. When games aren't going our way – It needs addressing, even if it's only 3 minutes in!

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Confidence will be a big factor at the moment Players don't go on to the field intending to play poorly.If Notts could just manage to score first in a match you may suddenly see a different team.

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I was optomistic at the start of the season too. Was I expecting to get promoted? No. I was expecting some good performances and to bring through at least 1 or 2 youth players in to the first team as starters or regular subs.

However, we are now in a situation where our first team players, regardless of the youth, are staring at relegation. I know it is a bit early to say that, but 1 point so far is not exactly promising, to say the least.

There seems to be no team chemistry, as in, they don't know what the other players in the team will do in certain situations. So instead of knowing that Dumbuya will try and beat his man, they are trying to give an option for the first time pass. It's this that contributes to the second problem.

Flair. Or lack of. Especially in midfield, it seems flat. We need a bit more depth in the play, or the ball will keep being played sideways. It wouldn't matter as much if the wide players were beating players and getting to the byline to swing a ball into a box packed with black and white shirts. But they are not doing that either. On the few occassions that happens, 1 player is there against 4 defenders. Not good odds.

In terms of the playing squad, I think players like Fotheringham simply aren't good enough. I didn't think we would, but we do miss Bishop, and Jeff Hughes to an extent. The ability of Bish to split up play effectively, and Hughes to have the technical ability to spay the ball about. Fotheringham doesn't have those abilities.

We don't have a playmaker, or at least a midfielder who can pick a pass. Fotheringham doesn't have the ability, and McGregor seems more of an attacking midfielder who is better at taking players on than passing.

It's definetly not just CK's fault that we have started like we have. However, it seems to me something isn't working. The players we have are no world beaters, but I don't think they are bottom of League One standard either. Unfortunately, something must change. If they can't work it out in the next match or 2, then I'm sorry Chris, but we'll have to find someone who can kick start this season. 

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im holding of making judgement.

think hes trying to please to many people and although were not doing that well, i feel that he can pick things up. hes running out of time tho... i must admit

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