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Notts County will be taking on Accrington Stanley in the first round draw of the F.A Cup this Sunday, Who are they you say?

We have taken the time to speak with a Stanley fan Mark ahead of the game, he's answered several of our questions and hopefully you will find this to be insightful. Be sure to click like, share and comment.


Firstly, could you please tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself such as how long you've been a Stanley fan?

I'm a 51 yr old Stanley fan living in Clitheroe in the ribble valley Lancashire. I'm in my 9th season as a season ticket holder has is my youngest son. I attend all home games regardless of the competition Stanley are in, I also travel to the odd away game 1/2 a season work stops me from going to more.


Can you share your impressions on the cup draw? Are you happy with Stanley being drawn to Notts County and how do you think the game will end?

Hmmm not over happy we draw County specially with it been drawn away, but its a one off game and we'll give it ago. Out come of the game a 2-1 win for the Stanley of course.


How is your season going so far? What are your hopes and ambitions for the club in the 2014/2015 season and the next two seasons?

To get to 50pts on the board and hopefully push on in to the playoffs. Next couple of seasons hopefully playing you lot in L/1.


What are your thoughts on the “Accrington Stanley, Who are they?” advert and the popular notoriety since then and can you share some information about another motto “The club that wouldn't die?”

I Don't really give the avert any thought. Now then “The club that wouldn't die” speaks for itself, it is about how Stanley raised against all the odds still managed to survive year in year out from when we dropped out of the league in 62 right up to the TAX scare of a few years back.


Who are Accrington Stanley's in form players? Which should Notts County be aware of?

On there day all will give county game wink.gif and if I told you that part you'd be as wise as me.


Which Notts County two players do you see being the main threat to Accrington Stanley and why?

Not really checked out County's players sorry.


Can you tell us about some classic moments from your time supporting the club? Such as big wins and possibly any memories of the F.A Cup?

Gaining promotion to the league must be the best thing, cup games against the premiership boys Fulham and Newcastle both at home, Stevenage in the l/2 playoffs. Middlesbourgh away last season in the league cup and winning 2-1, Leeds away a couple of times, beating Gillingham 7-4 in the league, and most of all keeping Morecambe in there place year in year out.


How many fans do you think will make the trip to Meadow Lane? Will they be lively and will you be making the trip yourself?

200 at most including my self biggrin.gif and yes we'll out sing the magpies.


Pride of Nottingham would like to thank Mark for taking the time to answer our questions, we wish Stanley all the best within their League Two campaign and we hope they do make themselves known on Sunday.

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seems like they have a good presence in the cup, they could give us a run for our money. i hope not because we need the win to maintain our form. enjoy marks views :) 

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