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Oldham Match Thoughts

Notts picked up their first win of the New Year last night with a 1-0 victory at home to free-falling oldham Athletic, to move up to 12th in the table. When the line-up was announced around an hour before kick-off, it's fair to say there were some mixed opinions regarding Enoch Showumni being given a chance to impress up front, although it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise with Zoko being suspended. I was somewhat dissapointed to read so many negative comments about the guy prior to th



Thoughts On Yesterday

I woke up today very excited but nervous none the less, the reason? I had decided to break my social rules which prevents me from encountering negativity. It doesn't really work but I can pretend I cope. The day went very slow at first which is strange. I did much more than I normally would in the hours before I left for Meadow Lane and I wished I could spend time more like it normally. I had spent the majority of the time with my children who was off due to our alarm not going off. I bumped in



Saturday Wasen't So Bad...

Are there many worse feelings than waking up to the news that your match is off? Whilst Weymouth's grudge match with Frome Town in the Southern League being postponed due to a frozen pitch was hardly a big surprise, it was still dissapointing after spending half the week looking forward to it. Whilst that wasen't surprising, the news that the Magpies home clash with Sheffield United WOULD go ahead was certainly a surprise. Massive credit has to go to the groundstaff of both Notts County and Not



Saturday 05/01/2013 (No Football!)

It's 1:02am as I sit here in a pitch black room with only the television and laptop for company, I almost dreamed we had a game tomorrow! I can't believe we have to wait until the 12th, it seems surreal at a point where the games come fast and thick to wait so long for a game. (though I'm not complaining) The site has been pretty active the past week, I can't say how pleased I am, I wished I could but it is very nice to see. I've been focusing on alternative pages, which is stalling as I have



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