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Ratings vs Sutton

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Slocombe 6 - Didn't have much to do. Made some risky decisions which paid off.

Brindley 5 - Got forward ok in the first 15 minutes but I just don't know about him. Got it in him to be a good player but never shows enough of it

Rawlinson 5 - Ok ish on the ball again. Got a 50p head though. Headers go everywhere 

Turner 5 - I worry about it him. Looks like he's about to do something stupid any second. He's alright but just a bit clunky 

McCrory 5 - Not as bad as previous games but still can't pass. Steady

Boldewijn 6 - Great persistence for the goal. That's what he can do. Wasn't the same second half

Rose 6 - Really good first half. Accurate passing and put in some important tackles. 

Doyle 5 - Tries and wants the ball all the time. Ran out of position on occasions when Sutton countered, making easy for them to bypass the midfield 

Shields 6 - Good endeavour getting back and helping McCrory. Put himself about

Thomas 6 - Got the goal but apart from that, didn't really get any service. Wants the ball a lot but never gets it. Makes intelligent runs 

Wootton 6 - Battled like he usually does but poor first touch on occasions. Alright link up play


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Based on a mean of 5.5

Slocombe 4.5 Beaten from a tight angle where I felt, he could have done better. Generally did OK

Brindley 4.5 Initial thoughts that what he offered was better than Toots, rapidly declining. Helped set up Notts goal but was ineffective in the second

Rawlinson 4.5 Made a complete mess of a challenge by the Pavis stand in the first half, that nearly cost us a goal. Headers more upwards than clearing

Turner 4 Some really sloppy passing, 

McCrory 5 Better performance, but still not getting up to assist the attack

Rose and Doyle 4 each... Too static and too deep. OK Rose won some tackles in the first half and Sutton were waiting for the obligatory hospital square pass in the 2nd, which they nearly capitalised on. Doyle just drifted

Boldewijn 4.5 The only spark  but 80 minutes seems wasted and uninterested. One particular moment in the 2nd half where a complete hash of conceding a corner rather than controlling the ball and turning

Shields 5 Offers something but surely Sam Osborne offers more in terms of a goal scoring threat

Thomas 6 OK scored but midfield consistently couldnt find him

Wootton 6.5 (MOTM) Ref gave him nothing despite constantly being fouled. 100% effort for no reward


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Cheers for the ratings people, it's good to have a bit of insight as an exile. I'm far from the only one who thinks the team badly needs shaking up now. I'm not altogether sure what Shields brings to the table to be honest, he seems very lightweight. Surely giving Osborne some experience would be a better bet.

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