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Harvey Elliott Injury


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Before I get in to this, I wish Harvey Elliott a speedy recovery. No one wishes to see an injury like this occur to any footballer, especially a young lad with a bright future. Hope he comes back stronger. 

Now, it's a tricky situation. I thought it was a good challenge. There are angles that make you question whether he was in control or not. His tackling leg was placed well where as his trailing leg that caused the injury wasn't. But let's be honest there's not a lot we can do with a trailing leg unless we can take it off. 

Do I think it was a red card? No. Yellow card for me if they're going to call a foul. Referee was playing on until he realised the severity of the injury.

I think it was the severity of the injury that forced the referee to give a red. Had it not been that severe I think Struijk might have seen a yellow. But where do we draw the line? If there is a 50/50 and a player comes off with a serious injury does it warrant a red? 

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It's extremely difficult challenge people from behind without being reckless or, being dangerous. Feet shouldn't show studs - both these things happen.

Yes, he makes contact with the ball with his left foot, but his right foot would always trail behind, and it just looks extremely reckless. It's not a very good decision on the players part, I have watched multiple angles, and it never looks like a good challenge in my eyes.

These types of incidents will always put the opposing player at risk.

It's only right that the player got sent off, for the danger he put Harvey Elliott in.

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@Chris but as football fans we see these sort of challenges happen regularly. Even pundits on MOTD said it's one of those challenges you see often and it's a hooking challenge. 

Obviously it's not very good given the injury but had the injury not occurred, I don't think it would have been pulled up. 

The trailing leg is the issue here but as mentioned before and has been said for a while now and as someone once said on MOTD, unless you can detach your trailing leg it's always going to make contact. Had the trailing leg not been there, the ball was won. 

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There's always the issue that a major injury could occur by fouling from behind, it's not just his trailing leg. It's the forward momentum that he throws himself into, it's absolutely awful to watch.

In my eyes, it's just a very poor challenge that from the first lunge shown it shouldn't have happened.

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@Chris the lunge looks bad, yes. But the fact that he managed to win the ball and hook it away is good. It's only his momentum with his trailing leg that causes the issue. 

There's causes for injuries to happen in any tackle, example Ryan Shawcross and Aaron Ramsey. 

Struijk came from behind but at the slight side of Elliott making himself in a position to try and get the ball without going through the player. 

@liampie if it was a foul, why hasn't the referee pulled it up and carried on play? He was in a good enough position to see it. 

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@RetroPie doesn't look 2 footed, even Harvey Elliott has disagreed with the decision. Still images are damming and can make the best of challenges seen as a poor challenge. For me Struijk did it in a way that he was moving in from the side allowing him to take the ball as Elliott was moving the ball to the side of his body. 

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