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PoN on One - #2


Pride of Nottingham returns with their 'PoN on One' feature. We take one community member and find a fan from any of the English leagues, asking both a series of 6 questions. The original trial went down very well, which saw Dan vs 2Piesonmyshirt. This time we've asked Daz who's main side is Nottingham Forest, we put him against our very own MuddyPatchPie. We hope you enjoy reading this feature, if you would like to take part please get in touch. Now let's find out who our winner of the PoN on One #2 is!! Best of luck to both contestants.

Q-Which team did Notts beat in the 1894 FA cup final and what was the score

Daz: Bolton 3-1 I think

Muddy: Notts beat Bolton in the 1894 FA Cup Final, I believe the score was 4 1.

A-Bolton Wanderers-4-1

Q-What were Notts nicknamed before becoming The Magpies.

Daz: Not sure on the nickname, County?

Muddy: Our original nickname was 'The Lambs'. I think we were named after a gang of Nottingham thugs!

A-The Lambs-Apparently named after a notorious gang of Nottingham thugs.

Q-Which team plays at Glanford Park.

Daz: I think Glanford Park is Scunthorpe

Muddy: Scunthorpe United play at Glanford Park. I've been there twice to watch Notts. On my last visit, Judgey broke a light fitting in the away stand during the pre match warm up and the stewards tried to cordon the area off with tape, which we then had to climb over every time we left our seats. Think we were more in danger from the tape than the light fitting dropping on our heads!!

A-Scunthorpe United.

Q-Name 2 teams who play or have played at a ground called The Racecourse Ground (not the same ground)

Daz: Wrexham for sure, I don't no who else plays at the racecorse ground

Muddy: Well Wrexham is the obvious one. I think i'm going to go for Derby County as I believe they played at the Cricket Ground known as the Racecourse Ground before they moved to the Baseball Ground.

A-Wrexham play at one now And Derby County played on one before moving to The Baseball Ground.

Q-Which player scored 6 goals in a FA cuptie but finished on the losing side.

Daz: Dennis law

Muddy: Denis Law scored 6 goals for Manchester City against Luton. The match was abandoned and they lost the replay.

A-Denis Law-Man City were beating Luton but the match was abandoned after 70 minutes.Luton won the replay 3-1.

Q-Which team is known as The Glovers.

Daz: Yeovil

Muddy: Yeovil Town are known as The Glovers, something to do with the town's links with glove making.

A-Yeovil Town.

Another well thought contest between two knowledgeable football fans, lets see who wins.

Daz: 2.5 Point

Muddy: 5 Points

(Daz very narrowly missed out on 1.5 points, MuddyPatchPie very impressive!!)

Pride of Nottingham would like to Thank both Daz (Forest Fan - Boooo!, He likes all locals teams in truth) and @MuddyPatchPie for taking the time to answer, feature and be part of this. Thank you very much!

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Bad luck Daz,a very good effort though-(a reds fan who likes All local teams?)

Muddy -Excellent and spot on with the added information.

Very well done to both contestants.

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Thanks for inviting me to take part Joe. Really enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking part, really couldn't do it without community members or people interested.

@Super_Ram Yes, Darren revealed a home truth about originally being a Notts fan when he grew up. Great guy, very friendly and did a lot for the people I used to work along side.. Never made fun of Notts, always interested but he's very into playing football.

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well done muddypatchpie! nice to see pon members doing so well. dont ask me tho, i would be rubbish. hardluck daz! Like thos feature Joe

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