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  1. Its quite the handy platform, I mostly read what Notts accounts have to say.
  2. Hello, Notts fans. I have joined Twitter today, I don't know what I am doing exactly but I think I have followed most of you. I am @Retro_Pie
  3. 2 further cases of COVID-19 at Meadow Lane, it means a bye is given to Kings Lynn and further games postponed. It's best to be safe.
  4. The start of actual 8bit consoles, to 16 and then the 32bit race. Playstations and Xbox's wouldn't be the same without mega drive, Nintendo etc.
  5. Does any other members here have any interests in computers, or retro games? It's been good to see retro consoles released with classic titles, such as the Mega Drive and Nintendo 64. I'm also an advocate for Arc and RetroPie.
  6. I thought Notts played some really enjoyable football in the first half, but got caught napping at stages where Maidenhead managed to punish the poor marking. I was surprised by how easy Notts made it for them to get back into the game, no marking and no body pressing to get tight. This are fundamental mistakes which are the easiest to address if you can apply some discipline to players. You either get someone like like Michael Doyle to give the offenders a wake up, drop them or demand better during the game. Ruben Rogrigues looks to be a cut above those around him, but he needs to keep his head up when looking to pass the ball. Defensively, Notts played a rather poor game which is disappointing because of how good they started. Some could be down to fitness and the amount of games the players have had to play but it's not going to get easier. If 4 players have caught COVID-19, then it could only get worse so the defence must be at its best.
  7. I thought Jimmy Knowles did very well to begin with, he looked quite sharp but lacked composure when the game became difficult. This is inexperience for you, but he does seem to be a useful player that could contribute to the club within the right conditions.
  8. Good temperamental players isn't always a bad thing, its about how you manage them. I do feel Casper Sloth seemed to feel he could walk into the squad based on what Neal Ardley has said in his interviews, no player should demand this unless they can deliver 100% on the pitch. Having seen him in the pre-season frriendlies, I don't think he was ready to replace anyone. It's perhaps for the best we allowed him to move on.
  9. RetroPie


    Hello, I am a life long pie supporter, who grew up watching Notts in the mid 60's. I haven't been able to attend any live games since moving to France in the mid 2010's but I have been purchasing match passes this season to stream the games.

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