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  1. @Joshua pay no attention to fans who can't use their words to express themselves, if someone posts anger or something childish it says more about them than it does about what they are talking about.
  2. I am glad to see Patterson extend his stay, Brennan is a useful player to have a round if his parent club doesn't mind he won't be playing as often.
  3. The start of the season seemed different in a good way, being undefeated for so long and that one game seems to have stung the players more, leading to the two collapsed defeats. Well, I hope Yeovil will be a different outcome. I think Notts could win 2-0, if they work hard enough.
  4. There are five teams that seem to be fancied for promotion, those being us, Wrexham, Southend, Chestefield, and Grimsby. Wrexham I think will be the favourites but I could see them struggling at first. I expect Chesterfield to be a stronger outfit, they have turned a corner and should do well IMO. What are your thoughts on the promotion contenders for this season?
  5. I think Wrexham will hit issues if its true about them splashing the cash, clearly no actual business or plans for the long term.
  6. Let him get up to pace, he spoke in his interview about being behind. I would think once the season starts, he will want to increase is performance. I do think Palmer looks like a good addition to the squad.
  7. I think in will be used occasionally where his pace will do the most damage, probably the third choice striker but I do feel he has more in the future to offer. IB will get the best out of him I feel.
  8. It makes me wonder if BT Sports knew that Wrexham and Notts were building the two best squads in the league.
  9. Black and white home shirt, it does look like a simple 80s inspired shirt but it will do.
  10. It's a shame that Notts has missed out on permanent signing of Andy Dallas, but Cambridge selling Paul Mullin might make them look to strengthen their strike force which in turn could see Andy Dallas put onto the loan market to gain experience. I don't think the other player will sign for us, Wrexham might be in for him.
  11. A touch of class by the Motherwell fans, there's enough greed in football so this makes a refreshing change.
  12. He fits straight into the system Ian Burchnall has spoken about and looks to be a solid signing, I also feel it confirms Adam Chicksen future might just be in the centre of defence.
  13. @Pie since 89: In no way is my comment directed to you, as I see your well explained point. A third signing has fans eased, talk of a 'lack' has been replaced with running away with the league and this is far from realistic. Whilst I think Notts are building on a very good established squad, by no means do I worry about a lack of signings or think we are competitively ready just yet for the new season.
  14. @Super_Danny_Allsopp has some interesting and valid posts.
  15. Mark Ellis has got my vote, I think he deserves it the most.
  16. Jake Reeves vs. Stockport County, I can still hear Charlie Slaters commentary even now.
  17. Player of the year in my eyes is Ruben Rodrigues, earlier on in the season he did well. It died off as Neal Ardley ran out of ideas, best thing so far that Ian Burchnall has done was drop him. He clearly has that fight within himself to do better. Can some of it wear off onto Enzio?
  18. Moderately well known that cartoon, I have seen it floating around many times.
  19. It's good to have cover in, will judge the signing on how he performs.
  20. Just in the dying moment, lumping the ball forward does work sometimes!
  21. @Dave Dornan, welcome to the community here.
  22. Welcome to the community and PON @colin savage.
  23. All members of the league should have a say on matters, no elite club should be able to govern what may happen. How this could be possibly deemed as the best interest for Premier League, I don't know. Its more of a bribe to see past them gaining further hold of the league.

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