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  1. Surely it's not the players????? Very often it seems like it!!!!!
  2. 1of my favourite players as just signed for Grantham Town...... Francois Zoko..... A really good signing for them....
  3. Just wondering if Football Radar statics man was at Mondays game...... Did we get anywhere near the 650 odd passes that's commonplace in the Premier league....... backwards sideways backwards sideways sideways sideways backwards etc etc etc etc......... No wonder Chorley were knackered at the end...... Not sure i would ever get used to it.... But an excellent result..... More please...
  4. Seems like Guy Branston is back on the scene.... "All about the Ballerz"..... A debt from the Trew era I believe...... WTF.....!!!!
  5. There's more bad news breaking on Twitter...... A Daily Mirror story.......... Guess the EP will find out after the weekend!!!!
  6. Try a Toyota Rav 4..... Well recommended here...
  7. A big plus for any new owners as to be the attendances this season..... But will they continue in the Vanarama or League 2??????....... Us and them will soon find out.... Not long now!!!!!! .
  8. Leigh Curtis....... County's Evening Post alleged reporter..
  9. Does anybody know what's happened to "Scoop"..... He's conspicuous by his absence..!!!!
  10. I bet Adam Collin and Nathan Thomas will be on top form..... Hoping they aren't though.....
  11. The administrators are related to "scoop"....... Everything will be OK....... Hopefully...
  12. Can we now have everybodies guess as to what the starting X1 and bench will be for Saturdays match against Lincoln will be??

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