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  1. That goes for us aswell mate, we've already lost Matty Cash and Wardy,that's being back on the City Ground turf. The injury hoodoo strikes again soon
  2. Why would you say, as a Notts fan that you don't care what the result will be?.... As a forest fan, I love these sorts of games. When forest, play the likes of Notts and Mansfield, it's fantastic for Nottinghamshire football. It brings the whole of Notts together. I personally think, that we all should try and get the Nottinghamshire cup back, that would be brilliant. They could be classed as friendlies, but at the same time, we would be competing for a massive shiney new trophy. I believe, that when we play a football match, we should be doing everything in our powers to win every m
  3. I'm the same mate, always go for the traditional Garibaldi first then wait to see if thee away shirts any good. I've got to admit though, our away shirts quite nice. It's all blue this season
  4. I know what you're saying mate, my Mrs got me the new Rangers shirt for Christmas... I'm normally a large, I was mortified when I tried to put it on that was made by puma lol
  5. I wished he'd stopped with us, fight for his place! If it doesn't work out then send him to you guys in January. @Anti-Red all that bitterness mate, brings out thee ugly in you
  6. Not half mate, I've seen most of them live aswel. The ones I have seen were amazing
  7. You obviously do care, about us Red dogs. I actually thought you guys would've had more fans there than us, seeing as you was supposed to be the home team whoops.... embarrassing nevermind it was only a pre-season game after all
  8. I'm sure you could come in for a couple of our younger lads, Virgil Gomez, Edser, Tyler Walker, to name a few. I really enjoyed the game tonight (arrrgh sorry I meant last night) Anyway you guys gave as good as you got, we just finished a couple of our chances that's all. I think you and Mansfield will be up there aswel as Chesterfield. All the best for thee upcoming season. YoooooooouReeeeeeeeds
  9. 70's/80's for me. I love the Motown years aswel, I've grown up on Motown, Queen, U2, Madness,The Beach Boys, The Jam, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Simply Red, The Police, ELO and quite a few more. It's what my dad listened to and I've seen most of them live
  10. My mistake lol That's obviously a training shirt that Dread is wearing. You Reds

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