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Notts Joe: Notts cannot let the Mansfield defeat become their undoing

Going into the local derby game against Mansfield, I had stated on the Pride of Nottingham community and to various fans when talking – Notts needed to go aiming to prove a point.

What actually happened, however,  was just more disappointment against our big rivals in the division.

It’s easy enough to write off a defeat, yet things had been building quite nicely and I hope the postponed game against Morecambe and the EFL Trophy loss Rochdale don't become basis for any excuses.

Notts just doesn’t seem to have the fight for local derbies, we go into them with a fair bit of hype from what is released to the local media – yet fall dramatically short when it comes to the actual performance.

After going level at 1-1, you would expect this to be the turning point for a lively encounter, which would have given us some pride.

However, once again Mansfield got the better of us and we really need to set this record straight when we play them at Meadow Lane – losing isn’t the end of the world but surely it’s got to be done to giving some form of fight to the opposition?

Tuesday night will see the Morecambe game take place, and I am sure there will be quotes about undoing ‘wrongs’ or on par with that.

Yet we just need to need to remain grounded and continue the work effort that we have witnessed as of late.

Our away form in the 2016-17 League Two season has helped massively with overturning a lack of optimism in the Notts camp, yet this greatly lacks at Meadow Lane.

Performances just haven’t been up to scratch, however much signs of improvements have or haven’t been made.

We need to avoid allowing the Mansfield game becoming this season's undoing.

Yet whatever the outcome John Sheridan is delivering us a reasonable level of stability, which will only improve with added time and of course his own signings.

I asked in a discussion if we needed a centre back and a striker come January, and the responses seemed to be mixed – yet after talking again to various people, it seems we may need to add a little more strength to the ranks after Mansfield.

Naturally we will need to release some of the players who don’t seem to interest Sheridan, I wonder who the fans think we can afford to release? I expect Graham Burke to be mentioned within there.

I think, however, that he’s the type of young player who we should be pushing for more than we seem to be doing.

Likewise with Genaro Snidjers – I think he should be given a run and a chance to prove himself over a period of games. I don’t mean cup matches, but actual league games where it will highlight far more.

The 2016-17 squad has depth and the ability to win home games, I was worried that after the increase of positivity all it would take is a couple of defeats to return to the level it was at prior and losing in a derby game does exactly that.

Yet despite Alex Rodman’s comments, I do think we have a lot to focus on and we have some good games where the players can prove their point.

And to a degree I still think we are relying on Jon Stead’s form to win us those important games, yet this is exactly why I want to see more of the squad fighting for a chance to start more regularly.

Fans seem to suggest that Sheridan won’t give players a chance, naturally only sticking to his own signings, but at times you must.

Hopefully after a few weeks the Mansfield game won’t be the talking point that it was during last season’s bitter campaign.

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After watching the game at the weekend Pie`s v Stags, i seem to have seen something slightly diffrent to most fans. I thought for 50 mins we where a team on top, we just seemed to be going through the motions. In actual fact Mansfield`s defence dealt with our strike force with ease. They just seem to allow us to come onto them and then when we run out of steam they took us apart especially in the last 25 mins we was struggling. They got their passing game going and outplayed us. The introduction of Matt Green seemed to affect our players. The penalty was a soft call, but the referee was making up for a glaring mistake 10 mins earlier. When i think it was Henderson was smashed to the ground in the box. We are beating our self  up a bit here, because i looked on their results over the last 4 games (including against us) they have actually not been beaten ????? think we where led to believe Mansfield where out of form. I dont think that was the case COYPs  

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watch it become our undoing its usually what happens. what should be a blip turns into a massive downfall and with the bans on fans it just seems that sort of timing.

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