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Liddle's Injury Update


On the 21st December 2013, a Meadow Lane fixture against Bristol City took place. On the half hour mark, a crunching challenge from City player Greg Cunningham on Gary Liddle saw the Notts player crumble to the ground. The referee, amazingly, didn't see fit to punish the Bristol player, as Liddle was forced to make way for Mark Fotheringham. The final outcome was a draw, but frustratingly the Magpies lost a key part of their team. The injury is on the minds of many Notts fans & the PoN community, for whom Liddle's return to fitness is a key concern in the battle against relegation.

Fans have received limited news since his injury, except for the fact that Liddle may be out for the remainder of the season.

However, a recent video interview published by Notts County on the Magpie Player saw Gary speaking about the injury and what he has been up to. He began by saying: “It's different obviously, I've played a lot of games over a number of years and I haven't been injured in any of that.” He went on to add: “I've been spending a lot time in the gym at the moment with the physios but yeah, I've got my head around it now, it's frustrating sitting in the stands and watching but I am working very hard to come back as quickly as possible”.

The fact he’s returned quickly to conditioning gym work and is working alongside the physios is clearly a good thing.

Gary continued: “Well, from the time after the injury, you know the first thing that we’ve done was to get it scanned and the results that came back (showed) that there was a little bit of ligament damage – a couple of ligaments. An operation wasn't needed, that was the first positive news that we got. I was more or less straight back into the gym after the swelling had come down to get fit again. You know I must say I'm feeling great, it's not going to be any time soon I don't think but yeah things are working well, I am doing a lot of time on bikes and swimming pools, cross trainers, but I feel like I am training for a triathlon more than coming back for football - I am keeping my fitness up which is the important thing.”

So it's now confirmed that there was no breakage, it's ligament/muscle related and that there isn't any need for him to have an operation. Promising news so far.

To find out more visit the Magpie Player; Link Here

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Good to know that he's on the mend. What an absolute nightmare of a season it's been for Notts. Hopefully he'll be back to play a part in the last month of 13-14.

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Massive news and a very good video by Notts, this piece of information is why I like the Magpie Player. Good resource for us fans, especially those who live abroad.

The key signs are;

1) Working hard
2) Back in the gym
3) Keeping fitness levels up
4) * No break
5)  ** No operation!

I can't wait for his return, big player for us!

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He and the club need to be patient and build it up slowly. What we dont want is half the player he was before or a recurrent injury. I'd rather wait a few more weeks and not rush him.

All good signs so far.

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