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Notts-Joe: We need stability all-round


The easiest thing to do during difficult seasons is to depart terms with your manager, yet this leaves repercussions and after a recession, you can sort of lose your identity and over the years, especially since running and starting the Pride of Nottingham website – I have spoken about this in the form of securing the better players within any Notts County squad.

Yet for me, despite craving success and stability – I am prepared to see things pan out some of the time.

I don’t think this can be applied with players. Yes managers prefer to build their own squad, yet often the first thing they do is recall players who are out on loan to access the depth and strengths of his new team.

I am also undecided if we could have afforded to give Ricardo Moniz a little longer, everyone will say they ‘grew tired’ of defending and again, this is something I can apply myself to but I do feel this is where a ‘sensible’ appointment comes down to it.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that managers who have a good track record will be able to work their magic, yet for me – I think this is more possible with the right foundations in place before any changes are made, certainly before they are released.

I hope that the next manager is someone who can build and retain a ‘core’, which will allow us to build properly as we attempt to move forward and ultimately I think this makes it easier on managers.

I couldn’t personally imagine going out and signing x amount of players, I mean this isn’t Football Manager 2016 and we don’t have the ability to just continue the circle.

Ricardo’s biggest downfall for me stems from his first and only fans’ forum – ‘Small Squad’ and ‘English players’. Now don’t get me wrong, Stanley Aborah for example is a very classy player but then you look at the same team sheet and realise Civard Sprockel is perhaps one of the worst to wear a Notts shirt in the last 10 years – even if he manages to last 45 minutes unlike some within the same class.

I think the point is, we should have seen that as the warning sign – was it his sole decision regarding transfers? And the policy to look overseas?

Perhaps like the many whom tell me Ricardo literally had no idea, yet I do think he tried too hard to impress.

For this reason, I do not blame him for not having placed us closer to the play-offs or the fact that we have conceded some awful goals so far this season – Roy Carroll anyone? I also acknowledge he leaves behind a decent squad, so it’s important the next manager can get to grips with it.

Whilst stamping his mark on our club, on his squad and we all learn to move forward forgetting the past.

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I know some may think this states the obvious, however after reading a article by Garry Birtles - I felt I had to voice my feelings regarding our we lose stability among others things.

The perfect example would be the situation of players similar to Noble.

Yes some may think he can go, that's fair but if he can be an asset (which he clearly can) - why allow contracts to run out. It seems a pattern, just as much as sacking managers.

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You do not have to explain it lad, its clear to anyone. I agree we do need to tie up contacts because it provides a sense of security and enjoyment of their football.

Some players do not have this mind set but I would rather them not be here.

From the board, staff, coaches, manager and players. It all needs to be stable and focused on achieving the same goals.

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Things such as contracts do need tying up. As the merry go round spins again, it can easily become blurry, but the core of a good team is there if they can be kept and built upon.

Let's hope JF does start successfully and all the fans, me included, can be tempted to back the club. I fear for the club if it goes pear shaped because players, as you mention, Stan etc.... Will move asap knowing they can play there trade in more stable environments.

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