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We were within 5 Minutes of Staying in League One, 5 MINUTES. In the 85th minute V Gillingham Something happened and not in a good way. We were so close, yet so far away.

My Girlfriend (Villa Fan) was out the house like a flash after their first Goal went in. I kicked the chair in frustration after the final whistle. HOW COULD YOU!! 5 BLOODY MINUTES. Time to focus on the Womens World Cup over here in Canada.

Being a Volunteer at the newly refurbished Landsdowne Place, I have been able to see the Germans power through the group stages. With the Ivory Coast fans probably the best ever, even at 6-0. Then I got the chance to see England, and Ms Bronze score that beauty and then the Heartbreak of our own Laura Bassett. We still love you Girls!!


July 1st rolls around (Happy Canada Day, 148 years old). My twitter feed starts to buzz about more than usual, Notts Have already signed Gill Swerts. There is rumours flying around about 4 more players coming in with Calibre. First in, comes Jon Stead. "Okay, we've made a statement of intent with this signing". All of a sudden, we were signing players left, right, and center. Mawouna Amevor, Adam Campbell, Kyle De Silva, Genaro Snijders, Julien Jenner, Filip Valencic & Graham Burke. We haven't had this much Transfer activity or hype since the Inglorious Munto year of 2009-2010.


In most, if not all the Interviews Ricardo Moniz has spoken. He's always on about scoring goals and playing a fluid style. Like all of us have been crying out for over 4-5 years, we just want to be entertained. If we win or lose, we want to finish watching/listening to the game with a smile thinking we played well, it is what it is.

After last night’s display against Arnold Town, I'm quietly confident about the upcoming season, as long as the team in the 2nd half is given enough time to gel and time to form part of the Notts County team, i can't see the first 11 changing very often, as we did last season. Unless of course Injuries and suspensions.

Top 7 is a must, top 3 is realistic.

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Last seasons ending came as a disappoint to us all, it was awkward being at the game against Gillingham but I felt for the whole fan base. As I looked around the awful stand that they had assembled, there was plenty of people in your shoes.

Right now, this has all lifted and we have a good chance put that campaign to bed with a decent season this year.

Thanks for writing this for us.

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Great write up, and just for the record, i don't think Gillingham should be allowed in the League at all, with that stand. Chuck 'em out, and let's have our place in League 1 back! ;)

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The last day of last season is one I want to forget.!After being in a play off place for most of the season my lot threw it all away and any consolation I had was snatched away in the last few minutes at Gillingham.

A very nice read @Canadian,thanks.

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Thanks for the great article @Canadian. Can I just say about the photo choice. It s classic. @coby cheering on with the scarf and Jake with his hand over his face thinking ' he's doing it again. I wish he'd sit down!!!'

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