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Pride of Nottingham's delighted that we was able to bring this feature for the Capital One Cup clash against Fleetwood Town. Below you will be able to read questions aimed to learn more about our opposition and we cannot thank Liam enough for stepping in at the very last minute to save us from missing this feature. It's always good when you can see football coming together, so this makes an excellent addition to our growing opposition views. Pride of Nottingham hopes you find this interesting! Please keep tuned for our next one which will be against Peterborough United.

Firstly, could you tell prideofnottingham.co.uk a little about yourself, such as how long you've been a fan for?

I've been a fan of Fleetwood since the appointment of Tony Greenwood back in 2003, but on a just follow basis, but a regular since there inclusion of the northern premier back in 2007 (I think, memory has gone). I work at sea as an Merchant Navy officer so can only go when I'm on leave, but I am a season ticket holder with my brother, I'm a local lad so have grown up around the town, I'm 26, even though my good looks say differently, he he.

What are you expecting from the season this year, both in the cup(s) and league?

League wise, I'd say minimum play offs with the signings we've had, and traditional our Chairman doesn't like to stay in the same league longer than 2 years, we've always gained promotion in the second year of the league, so big fingers crossed!!

Cup, don't really know this year as a cup run is always nice but personal I'd prefer to concentrate on the league and do the graft there, but the cup does have something about it and it could/does bring big clubs to the lower league clubs (Bradford last year is a great example)

Can you tell us about some of your squads newest additions?

Great summer signings and as always the chairman does like to do business early so new team members can settle into the squad. I think bringing in the skipper Mark Robberts is brilliant, pure leader on the pitch, Ryan Cresswell is a brilliant centre half, both like to get on the team sheet scoring wise, but personally I think Antonio Sarcevic is the one to look out for in our league.

How do you see the game going and what formation do you see Graham Alexander starting with?

I'd like to say we'd stuff you but I don't think we will, although we did give Preston a good hiding in pre-season. Formation, a solid back of 4, 4, 2, but our wingers pushing forward creating space on the wings and giving Matt the need space to work his magic, hopefully.

What did you make of Jeff Hughes performance against Dagenham and Redbridge?

Unfortunately I was away for the opener of preseason but from all reports Town played with the passion and desire they were lacking at parts of last season, a massive plus for the fans to see.

Can you tell us about your highest and lowest point whilst supporting Fleetwood Town?

Highest has to be the opening game in the football league, what an achievement from where as a club we have come from, also the local derby against Blackpool in the FA cup, although we got battered by them, it was a brilliant run just to get to play them and the rivalry/banter was brilliant.

Lowest for me was the play offs against wimbledon to get out of the Conference, the less said the better, we played really poor, but we bounced back next season and were the champions.

If you could sign any player from the Football League realistically speaking, who would you choose and why?

A lot of Fleetwood fans would agree that we would love to have Jamie Vardy back, we sold him to Leicester for a record £1million, and he was brilliant, he just knew where the goal was, would be amazing to have him back in the squad we have currently, we missed him when he went.

What would say is the most important thing about supporting a football team?

You've got to follow your team through thick and thin, Town is a very involved community club (I think we are the smallest by population in the entire league) so you sort of know everyone, but it's great to be part of what's going on here. Every club has its moaners but that's life I suppose.

Who do you see as being a threat to Fleetwood Town, are there any Notts County players you feel should be tightly marked?

Gary Liddle is a big lad and know doubt could cause us some problems on corners etc. I remember Ryce scoring a few goals for you last season but i may be wrong, to be honest you play at a higher level than us and it will be a good test to see if we can compete against a team such as yourselves as we are trying to gain promote to play in your league.

Please tell us a bit about the players who you would consider to be your danger men?

As said above Antonio Sarcevic is a threat, young talented lad and work rate is really good. If he's back fit, you'll have to watch out for the beast that is Jon Parking, just his pure size is an amazement, he he.

What's your thoughts on Notts County's shirts this season? Both shirts have received some split decision comments from fans of the footballing world.

It's very barcode like, but at the end of the days your going to wear it and if your a fan, with pride. The pink shirt, ha ha, brilliant, real men wear pink, so I'm told!!

We've had a new kit sponsor this season and our home kit is really nice but the away one, a lot has to be desired.

Have you ever visited Meadow Lane before?

Unfortunate not but its on my list, may be next year!!

Pride of Nottingham would like to thank Liam for taking the time to answer our questions, we also wish them the very best with their campaign this season - as they push for promotion.

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im glad you managed to get one joe, i really enjoy what fans have to say and for me its great to see responses like this.

good luck to them! i just hope we win. :D

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I love this feature too.  Cannot believe I'm posting this at 3.46 am, but my daughter' seems to have decided to have an all nighter!  Look forward to the post match interview.

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