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Mullins recalled

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Mullins has been recalled by Birmingham, that's a blow for the Oldham match. I'd drop Liddle back to defence and bring Vela in to midfield.

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Mullins has been recalled by Birmingham, that's a blow for the Oldham match. I'd drop Liddle back to defence and bring Vela in to midfield.

My thoughts exactly. I'd rather have a patched up midfield where we can drop a little deeper rather than another attempt to botch the defence. Such a shame as he has really helped the club and Hollis.

Don't want to see Leacock in our colours again. Smith is a better choice if he wants to keep the mid settled. sheenan to the middle again? Not sure on his replacement Roberts in such an important game.

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I'm with @liampie here.

Had it have been 3 or more, it would be a major blow but one game? Surely we can survive and cope in a single league game? Mullins picked up his performances for me in the last two home games, he's looked more steady and handled the position well. Before that, he seemed awkward and adapting and with this in mind it shows how much he's helped us but we can get by the last game.

His experience more than anything is the loss, how his ability to calm down players around him.

Get Liddle back in or perhaps Sheehan, though I don't really want to see Roberts uselessly heading the ball to opposition players. That said, I am sure he can do the job but I hope we move onto better players!

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Sheehan will take his place and Roberts at left back I think. Really disappointed he's gone as he was the stability Hollis needed next to him. We are Notts County, we move on and hopefully with such a massive following of Notts supporters we can gain the point we need. #greatescape

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I saw Leacock today as I was waiting to be escorted into the DP ( I've changed seats from the family next season for my season tickets and I wanted to check out the view!!!) and I asked him outright. he replied that they wont be told until Thursday at the earliest and he's hopeful he will return to the first team. I didn't have the heart to tell him to his face I hoped for the exact opposite! He is taller than me though and looked harder because he had a sweat on!


Also saw Fotheringham there. Not sure how the car thing works. His is a bloody massive thing which must be worth a bomb. On more careful inspection though the plate had a Sytner label and he was parking in the Sytner spots behind the DP so I assume its part of their contract to have a car from the club to drive around in.

Nice if you can get it!

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