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He who shan't be named on Talksport


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Driving down the motorway, nearly had a fit... H+J interviewing JF.

No PowerPoint presentations as it was radio, :D Talked about his availability to get back into the game but not much on his  70 days at Notts. He said he had learned from his mistakes and that he now has League Managers Association Diploma. Whoopee :D He credited LMA having a good lawyers dept.... oh dear 

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Just now, ivansneck said:

Worst manager I have witnessed at any club EVER. Lawyers may refer to his time at Bolton.

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Unlikely, they only deal with managers at the LMA (not coaches or fr**ds.....)

Don't forget the great hindsight of our chairman and the pre-agreed release clause, JF is probably upset about that and how badly he thrown under the bus.

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1 hour ago, notts-joe said:

I'd have switched off, I really wouldn't be able to listen to him - I have nightmares from his time in charge here.

Just the arrogance in his voice.

Even though I would unhesitatingly name JF as the worst manager I have ever seen in 46 years of supporting Notts, I find it hard to hate the bloke.  He simply applied for a job way above his level and got incredibly lucky, so the blame has to go to the people who appointed him.  I am usually pro-Trews in my posts, but giving him the job was staggering beyond belief.  I still can't understand why the board went against the wishes of the vast majority of their paying customers.  His appointment was met with a barrage of negativity (me included) and from a very low starting point things went downhill rapidly.  I have never seen that level of hatred (me not included) for a manager, and hope I never see it again.  My opinion of JF is that he is good at talking, but utterly useless at making his talk reality.  I will be very surprised if he succeeds in football management at any level, and I doubt that NCFC will ever make a bigger mistake than him, Munto included.

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@Elite_pie says it all, just up to a point. All I remember were post match interviews devoid of technical analysis or what views he expressed, totally at odds with what I had just witnessed. For that, I have no sympathy. Stanleygate just compounded matters when honesty was called for. In all, a completely misjudged appointment in our Winter of discontent 

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