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    110% agree, if Neal Ardley continues to leave players out when they deserve to start then it will just cause a bigger issue. Enzio Boldewijn does nothing to warrant always starting, if I remember right Harry Kewell dropped him briefly and his form picked up. There's no motivation to improve when you're guaranteed to start.
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    The future must be the focus, it's good to have two brothers who support each other and those around them. I get the impression that they're relaxed about progress, understanding that it takes time and hard work. The clubs been in a state since as long as I have supported Notts - it will take steady hands to change this. Neal Ardley has been backed by them, they worked fast to support him in getting signings and it's just welcoming to see how it's the club being put first. No gimmicks, no false dawns or blame. No getting the fans all excited over nothing, just common sense.
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    a few changes is common sense, i feel like ardley is sticking with the team just for the sake of it and in the hopes that they can drag themselves out of the poor form. he has mentioned watching players off the ball, which makes it baffling when he continues to start some. he will have his own reasons but i do think osborne and lacey need to come in to the squad, with turner being injured i would expect this. rawlinson is very inconsistent too, he will play well one game and then look like a different player altogether.
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    This is the bottom line @Chris. Saying we are always expecting to win big, it's not fair. It's part of the problem, and I agree with Neal Ardley shouldn't have made those points about people wanting the club to fail. He was clearly talking about people closer to the club, yet with players talking about us fans wanting big wins it just creates a bigger problem.
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    I think the signings have been very good, but his management style doesn't seem the best for motivating players to do well or to come in and fight for a starting place. I want Neal Ardley to succeed, he has the ability but when he replaces one player and shoves the other out of the door. It just seems like we might be doing what Mansfield did, they signed a lot of players and hoped it would come good. In the end they appointed someone who stuck with the team and they got promoted.
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    I expect Neal Ardley to make use of the January transfer window in the Football League, this open all year round seems to have gone to his head a little. I am content with the players he's brought into the squad, but I do feel there are some areas now that need addressing. Centre of midfield, the wing and centre back mostly. Despite Pierce Bird returning from his loan, I don't see him featuring much. Ardley might feel he's too lightweight for this league, which I do get the feeling he sees Sam Osborne as being similar.
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    i think given the chance ray trew and alan hardy would have done differently during their reigns, i would like to think so. the reedtz brothers seem to be bowing to the experience that is at the club and allowing them to get on with it, its pleasing to see trust given to them because they can be a massive help. think ah thought he could do it all alone and once that went wrong, he could not accept it. but we have two owners who are hands on, its good to see them attending home and away games. they seem to want to get the community back involved which would be nice. quiet owners are like good match officials, you should not notice them and if you do its not usually for the better.
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    Excellent piece on the new owners, I have been impressed by them. I think the last two owners and their families got involved too much with the fan base. When it turns sour that will always lead to issues. I hope the brothers can get some success out of their investment, but they do seem to have the clubs interest at heart and are prepared to wait.
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    I would have given him a 5-year-deal myself, yet I openly admit this might have been a bit OTT. 2 years is a very sensible option. We need to be ensuring players like Kyle we can move forward and grow together, I don't want to see the Alan Judge situation whereby we don't meet that forward progression every club seeks to make. If we build wisely, sign players who stock we can later sell but replace well - we would have moved forward a lot. It's always disappointing to see a good player leave, especially for free. Likewise, it hurts when we can't capture them as first team signings such as Ryan Yates and Jorge Grant.
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    Can't disagree with 99% of the points you make Chris. However for all the points you make Chris ,it's pretty inevitable, they all point to the same man.The one in the headline photo.
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    Well said, and well written. Lets hope Neal Ardley can take criticism because it might be the one thing that will help him keep his job at the club.

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