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  1. KingKewell


    I think people should be mindful of what is a sensitive subject, I am young but I know that people feel differently. I think its a nice act of PON and @Chris to put this out there for members and guests. There should be more people who understand and want to help because it could make a difference.
  2. KingKewell

    Fear for KingKewell

    I don't want this to become another thread on how long Harry Kewell has left, however I am concerned my name might be changed again and that leaves me wondering if that does happen. Will I run out of the allocated amount of username changes? There are no players I consider to be legends to me, so KingVaughan seems just as short lived as Kewell might.
  3. KingKewell

    Guys can you join me in welcoming our latest member

    Welcome to PON @NewtoNotts, most Notts fans are very friendly and warm. You Pies!
  4. KingKewell

    How much time does Harry have left.?

    I am worried that he's allowed the winning streak to cloud his judgement, we need him to focus on the depth of the squad and replace those who are performing badly. Yes settle the side down but make the odd change, playing one up top at home seems mad. I mean I am a young fan but I'm worried he will be gone soon.
  5. KingKewell

    "Key" fringe signings must be given time

    All the squad players should be given a chance and when the form improves further, I do feel Harry Kewell will try to focus on getting others into being able to do well when required.
  6. KingKewell

    PONcast Episode 47

    Decent episode, looking ahead now to the next one.
  7. KingKewell

    Match Discussion: Game 14 - The Shakers (A)

    I have a good feeling about today, I think Notts will do well.
  8. He's nothing special even his speed looks average with a ball, he's used his name to get the deal and even at the level he's playing it seems wrong to me.
  9. KingKewell

    Does Richard Duffy have a future at Notts County?

    I think he will be gone by January, if not at the end of the season.
  10. KingKewell

    Can we start to get excited yet?

    I am nowhere near excited yet but I am optimistic like others. Being able to beat the bigger teams well and win a local derby like Mansfield would be enough to change my mind.
  11. I think if we was to be fair, I would have to say Ross Fitzsimons as he looked awful until the new defenders arrived. He's coming on leaps and bounds now, so I would say him for the fact he didn't just give up.
  12. KingKewell

    Guess the magpie

    Well done everyone, he was well before my years and I don't know much about him.
  13. KingKewell

    PONcast Episode 46

    Brill PONcast!!
  14. KingKewell

    Caption this ...

    Well done @CliftonMagpie
  15. KingKewell

    Jamie Fullarton on Notts

    He's one of those people I can't stand and no matter what he says, I just won't like him.

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